Trump’s War

Trump now owns the war in Syria

By Mark Luedtke

A few weeks ago, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and their Russian allies were winning the civil war in Syria. They had ISIS and al-Qaeda on the run. Furthermore, they had the election of Donald Trump—who promised to stay out of Syria—so Assad could remain president and cooperate with Russia to thwart ISIS. Assad had everything he wanted.

In contrast, the warmongers who dominate the U.S. ruling elite and Syrian terrorists wanted the opposite. They wanted Assad ousted and the U.S. in conflict with Russia. Hillary Clinton represented that position during the presidential race and lost.

But just days after saying Assad could remain in power, President Trump flip-flopped and bombed a Syrian airbase after a report of a chemical weapons attack by Assad. Ron Paul said it best: “Thursday’s U.S. missile attack on Syria must represent the quickest foreign policy U-turn in history.”

Reports that Assad carried out the attack are fake news based on fake intelligence. This chemical attack was about the only thing that could prevent Assad from winning Syria’s civil war. He didn’t benefit from the attack; ISIS and al-Qaeda benefited. Trump’s intervention saved them from defeat. This false flag attack is so blatant even mainstream media outlet Bloomberg admits it may be fake. Trump refuses to produce the evidence Assad committed the attack because Assad didn’t.

We saw this same false flag scenario play out in 2012, but Russian President Putin bailed out President Obama before he could blunder into Syria. But the circumstances were different for Trump. Editor Justin Raimondo explains, “How did this happen? It’s easy to explain, once you understand that there is no such thing as foreign policy: all policy is domestic.”

Before the strike, Democrats and deep state warmongers were battering Trump over his noninterventionist policy and nonexistent cooperation with Russia during the election. Now he credibly claims relations with Russia are at an all-time low. The Russian-influence story has virtually disappeared. There’s nothing like blowing $100 million stolen from taxpayers on 59 cruise missiles and killing a few people to change the narrative. It’s the same tactic Bill Clinton used when he bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan in an attempt to stave off impeachment. Trump’s son admitted as much. “If there was anything that Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie,” Eric Trump told the U.K. Telegraph.

If Trump thinks this will end the criticism from Democrats and deep state attack dogs, he’s mistaken.

Historian Thomas DiLorenzo summarizes one consequence of Trump’s escalation against Assad: “When Americans die in Trump’s war in Syria, their parents should be told, ‘He died so that ISIS could rule Syria.’”

And you thought our rulers were fighting against terrorists.

Former CIA agent Philip Giraldi suggests more consequences: “The real Donald Trump has been exposed. The man who promised a sensible and non-interventionist Middle Eastern policy and a reset with Moscow has now reneged on both pledges.”

That makes him an unreliable foreign policy partner.

Giraldi continues, “Now that Trump has the bit between his teeth on how abysmal approval ratings can skyrocket if one starts a war, look forward to more of the same with my sources telling me that establishment of a no-fly zone is currently being discussed in the Pentagon. A no-fly zone would be toe-to-toe with the Russkies to see who would blink first.”

A week after attacking Syria, U.S. forces dropped the mother of all bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan, escalating the war there. The largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. arsenal, the MOAB kills everything within one mile of the blast. While Trump won’t admit to authorizing the bomb, its use was clearly a result of his policy.

Now Trump is sending an aircraft carrier group to agitate North Korea’s unstable supreme ruler Kim Jong-un. The way Trump is setting the world on fire, you might think Clinton won the election.

As if war in Syria, Afghanistan, and North Korea were not enough, Giraldi fears Trump won’t stop there: “As bad as that all seems, if I had to pick one place where our inability to discern right from wrong is likely to lead to the next major armed conflict, i.e. a real war, in fairly short order it would have to be Iran.”

The most important lesson from this disaster is the president does not run the government. The government runs the president. Neither coercive government nor the political system benefit Americans.

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