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Government claims ownership of your body

by Mark Luedtke


 You might think that self-ownership is an uncontroversial idea because the alternative is unconscionable. Besides which, Americans supposedly fought a Civil War to end slavery. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t see it that way. Government believes it exercises ultimate control over – and therefore owns – the bodies of its subjects, and it only allows people to use their bodies in ways it approves. Ironically, one of the driving forces behind government’s ownership of the bodies of its subjects is driven by the American Puritan ethic, and Puritans were at the heart of the abolitionist movement.

One of the ways government controls the bodies of its subjects is by initiating violence against people who engage in consensual sex for money. Clearly immoral, the Puritan ethic is at the heart of this violence.

In July, the Dayton Police Department attacked and kidnapped nine people during a sex sting.

The government cannot allow itself to be seen as an aggressor, so it always lies about its role in order to fool people into thinking it’s a protector. WDTN quoted Dayton Police Sgt. Chris Fischer, “We’re looking for the guys that come into our city only for one thing, to hire a prostitute to do a sex act.” Police will not allow this voluntary, peaceful activity. Fischer goes on to misrepresent the relationship between prostitutes and their customers in order to portray the police as protectors instead of the aggressors they are, “These guys think nothing of it. They come from the suburbs, they come into Dayton, like I say, they prey upon these women and we’re not going to tolerate it.”

But these guys are not preying on these women. This isn’t rape. They aren’t threatening violence against the women. They are engaging with women in a voluntary transaction which benefits both parties. In contrast, the police engage in violence against both the women and the men they do business with. And the police get paid for initiating violence. The police are indisputably the predators here.

The experienced Fischer is very good at promoting propaganda to cover up police violence against women trying to improve their economic situation. WDTN reported, “[Fischer] says a majority of Dayton prostitutes have HIV, hepatitis or other viruses and when men do sexual acts with these prostitutes, they bring those infections home to their families.” Fear-mongering is a tried and true government propaganda tactic. I bet prostitutes and their customers generally use protection. Regardless, this is no excuse for attacking people engaged in peaceful, consensual activity. Stupidity is not a crime.

Expert propagandist that he is, Fischer ratcheted it up a notch, “As long as there is [sic] predators on the Internet, and I’m talking child pornography to prostitution, we’re going to work the Internet. I’ve got detectives that are very diligent and very dedicated to their job, to their work and keeping the community safe.” In order to justify police aggression against consenting adults, Fischer equates prostitution to the sexual predation of children. This dishonest comparison is about as low as it gets.

Fischer identified some real problems associated with illegal prostitution, “We also see and try to locate the human traffickers that sell women on the Internet and also the Internet pimps.” The problems associated with prostitution stem from government besieging prostitution, not from prostitution itself. Alcohol prohibition created a violent black market controlled by gangs and illness associated with poor quality control of alcohol, but that disappeared when prohibition ended. Similarly, prostitution prohibition has created a violent black market controlled by gangs and illness associated with poor quality control, but that would disappear if prostitution was legalized. Reason tells us this, and experience backs it up.

A 1998 paper by A. E. Albert, D. L. Warner and R. A. Hatcher in the American Journal of Public Health reported on a study of legal brothels in Nevada, “A study conducted in 1995 in two brothels found that condom use in the brothels was consistent and sexually transmitted diseases were accordingly absent. The study also found that few of the prostitutes used condoms in their private lives.”

WDTN concluded, “Sgt. Fischer says that all of the money from these fines go to the Oasis House, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to help woman who were part of the sex industry get back on their feet.” If government predators really cared about women in the sex trade, they would end their assault against prostitutes so prostitution would be safe and profitable like other legal services. But then Sgt. Fischer wouldn’t have a cushy job paid for by money stolen from taxpayers.

The police justify themselves by claiming they obey the law. The problem is the law orders aggression and is therefore illegitimate. The Nuremberg trials acknowledged the natural law principle that obeying orders is no defense for aggression. Police who attack people engaging in peaceful activity cannot hide behind the law when the law itself is an act of aggression. While government schools teach us that legislatures make activities illegal to benefit us, a more honest viewpoint is legislatures legalize crimes as long as those crimes are committed by government employees to benefit our rulers. In order to be free, we must stop this.

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 Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at


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