Conspiracy Theorist: 5/17

Electric Comet theory confirmed

But dirty snowball theory plows on
By Marck Luedtke

The a any scientific theory is its predictive ability. If observations match predictions, the theory is good and should be developed further. If even one observation fails to match, the theory is falsified and must be modified. If observation after observation fails to match, the theory must be replaced wholesale. The Thunderbolts Project shows the longstanding dirty snowball theory of comets must be trashed:

“As noted, above, comets are often called ‘dirty snowballs’ by astronomers. However, several missions, such as Giotto, revealed that they are scorched, cratered, and fractured. No icy surface deposits, no reflective crust, and no dense vapor clouds were observed. When the Giotto spacecraft made its close approach to Comet Halley, it found the blackest object in the Solar System. The comet’s plumes erupted from a coal-black nucleus.

“In the case of Comet Tempel 1, it resembled an asteroid more than a chunk of evaporating muddy slush. Craters and boulders were seen. Water vapor was discovered near the comet, but there was too little ice on the surface to account for it; certainly nothing like a snowball venting steam.

“As written previously, other comets also defied conventional descriptions: Shoemaker-Levy 9 exploded at a distance of almost 650 million kilometers from the Sun. The pieces did not expel volatile compounds (ices) as astronomers expected. Deep Space 1 found Comet Borrelly hot and dry instead of cold and wet. The Stardust mission to Comet Wild 2 discovered a great deal of dust, but no trace of water could be found on its surface.”

Every comet closely observed has falsified the dirty snowball theory. Not one came close to being a dirty snowball. This begs the question of how a theory so thoroughly falsified could remain preeminent. The answer is NASA. Contrary to popular belief, NASA is not in the business of studying the cosmos. Like all government bureaucracies, it’s in the business of enriching bureaucrats, politicians and their cronies.

Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex taking over policy for the benefit of its members. NASA is the locus of a space-industrial complex that controls space exploration policy for the benefit of its members. Its power is derived from the tax money it lobbies from Congress then doles out to corporate cronies.

But NASA’s funding depends on its reputation. If scientists funded by NASA admitted their comet theory has been falsified for decades, its reputation would plummet. Congress would hold hearings. Its budget would be cut. The whistleblowers and others would be kicked off the gravy train. So instead of performing real comet science, NASA scientists, and scientists funded by other governments for the same reason, never reject their falsified theories. Instead they conduct pseudoscience designed to support the failed theories and publish propaganda to keep the gravy train flowing.

Electric Universe scientists are independent of government funding and therefore free to conduct actual science. Their theory states the universe is powered and ordered by plasma currents in space and comets are negatively charged rocky bodies, like asteroids, but which discharge in glow mode, forming a coma and tail when they approach the positively charged sun because of their elliptical orbits. This theory better explains observations and has a record of predictive success.

NASA’s early reports from missions, before propagandists took over, are generally the most honest. For example, NASA recently released data on the close encounter between comet Siding Springs, less than a mile wide and Mars in 2014. The Daily Mail reported, “‘Comet Siding Spring plunged the magnetic field around Mars into chaos,’ said Jared Espley, a MAVEN science team member at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. ‘We think the encounter blew away part of Mars’ upper atmosphere, much like a strong solar storm would.’”

According to establishment theory, gravity organizes and powers the universe. If true, it would be impossible for a tiny comet to bring chaos to a planet in a close encounter. But the electric force is a trillion, trillion, trillion times more powerful than gravity, so a tiny, charged comet can disrupt a planet with a weak magnetic field like Mars and strip away its atmosphere.

But the dirty snowball theory plows on. Despite the Rosetta spacecraft failing to observe ice on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the Daily Mail reported, “Ice the same age as the solar system has been found buried in the comet that Esa’s Rosetta probe is tracking.”

Thanks to government’s coercive funding of pseudoscience as through NASA, we’re living in a dark age of science.

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