Conspiracy Theorist: 5/19

The truth about U.S. medical care

By Mark Luedtke

The debate about Obamacare was breathtakingly dishonest. Republicans claimed it was a government takeover of health care, but government had already taken over health care, with Republican support, long ago. Obamacare just increased government’s stranglehold on health care and made it worse.

The other day, I heard somebody call our health care system “the best in the world.” It’s amazing how this Big Lie propagates despite being demonstrably false.

Dr. Joseph Mercola tells the truth about U.S. health care: “When you add up medical errors, drug interactions, and hospital-acquired infections, medical care is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., right after heart disease and cancer. Preventable medical mistakes account for one-sixth of all American deaths.”

Unless you need emergency care, going to the doctor has become dangerous to your health. Why is there no outrage? Because the media covers it up. Government control of health care has corrupted it from a customer service business focused on producing the best outcomes for the patient at the lowest price into a greedy pseudo-service focused on leaching maximum money from the patient, without ever curing them. Most treatments today are a scam to make rulers and the medical establishment rich.

And the two leading causes of death, heart disease and cancer, are products of government, too.

Julie Upton, a registered dietitian and propagandist for the establishment, spouts the government line, “When someone uses charged statements such as ‘If you want the real truth…’ or ‘The FDA is using us as guinea pigs,’ it’s most likely not credible.” She claims, “Trusted health organizations such as the American Heart Association, Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health develop nutrition recommendations based on overwhelming peer-reviewed evidence and can, in fact, be trusted. While it’s true that as the science evolves, recommendations may be updated, reputable health organizations make evidence-based recommendations.”

What a load of manure.

Dr. David Brownstein tells the truth about government changing its guidelines about cholesterol. “You would think that the Powers-That-Be would base their recommendations on evidence-based medicine. Well, you would think wrong. There was never any good evidence that we needed to lower our fat and cholesterol intake and substitute it for more refined carbohydrates in the form of grains,” he explains. “In fact, there was strong evidence that adjusting our diet the way the Powers-That-Be wanted us to would result in exactly what happened—more obesity, diabetes, and heart disease than we know what to do with.”

Government’s guidelines led people to eat fewer eggs, one of the healthiest foods there is. All the damage done by government’s push for low-fat, low-cholesterol, high-grain, processed fat and subsidized high fructose corn syrup diets, what’s become known as the Standard American Diet (SAD), was never based on science. It was based on greedy rulers and their cronies in Big Agriculture and the medical establishment wanting to make big money off illness, including heart disease. Now statins are the most commonly prescribed drug in the country, but they are neither safe nor effective against heart disease.

The SAD also contributes to cancer, along with the other ubiquitous toxins in our environment that the government deems safe. These toxins wouldn’t exist if the government didn’t protect the corporate cronies who profit from poisoning the environment. It takes coercive government to enable others to poison property. A system of law based on property rights and non-aggression would keep the environment clean because property owners wouldn’t allow that.

Not only does government cause cancer, it prevents cancer from being cured. Because cancer feeds off refined carbohydrates, Dr. Bill Sardi says a cure for cancer has long been known. “In research conducted by National Institutes of Health researchers report this nutraceutical was found to down-regulate genes that control HIF-1 by 1366-fold in rodent heart tissues. This was compared to plain resveratrol—189 fold,” he explains. “The cancer switch can be demonstrably turned off by an off-the-shelf molecule, resveratrol, and more so when combined with other similar molecules. The scientific literature points to combination therapy, low sugar and low carbohydrate diets combined with drugs and/or nutraceuticals to successfully subdue cancer.”

So the cure for cancer is to ditch the SAD and return to a natural diet including healthy, tasty fat plus red wine. And get lots of sun, so your body produces plenty of vitamin D. But you’ll never hear about this cure because our rulers and their cronies can’t get rich from it.

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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