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NSA uses cyberhacking to spy on Americans

By Mark Luedtke

I don’t understand why people care so little about the government spying on them. If the government put a spy in every house and business to monitor activities all day, every day, people would care. The spy would record every phone conversation and text. He would search through your computer and phone files. He would monitor your refrigerator, thermostat, and lights. He would follow you into the bathroom to record you.

And he wouldn’t stop there. He would follow you wherever you go and map out your comings and goings, who and where you visit, when and why. If you told him to back off, he would say he’s fighting terrorism, so tough. Nobody would stand for it.

But real government spying is worse than this. The Russians, Chinese, and criminals cannot put people in our houses and businesses, but U.S. government spies not only do all these things, they plant vulnerabilities all over the internet making it so Russians, Chinese, and criminals can spy on you the same way. And it’s invisible. We only allow it because we’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed by government schools and media.

This isn’t a potential problem. It’s a real problem with deadly consequences right now.

You’ve probably heard of the great ransomware attack that started in mid-May. In a ransomware attack, hackers take over computers and threaten to delete the data unless the owner pays a ransom. The news broke with the story of a ransomware attack against Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) computers. The Daily Mail reports, “The NHS has been hit by an ‘unprecedented’ hack that has shut down computers and cut off phone lines in a cyber attack that could ‘endanger lives’… Hackers have taken control of computers in at least 40 NHS Trusts across the country meaning doctors cannot access patients’ files which are stored online.”

Maybe you think Britain is far away and this couldn’t happen here, but the attack didn’t stop with NHS. As of this writing, 99 countries and 75,000 computers have been victims of the attack.

Facebook also suspiciously went offline at the same time, but that hasn’t been linked to the attack, at least not publicly.

Maybe you think our wonderful government will protect us from these hackers. If so, you have it backward. The Daily Mail expounds, “A global cyber attack using hacking tools widely believed to have been developed by the U.S. National Security Agency and leaked online by a group called the Shadow Brokers has caused chaos around the world.”

The U.S. government’s most secretive spies at the NSA developed the tools that are being used to attack us in a program called Eternal Blue. The subsequent ransomware is being called the “atom bomb of malware.”

This is a pattern with the U.S. ISIS and al Qaeda use U.S. weapons to commit terrorist attacks. Hackers used U.S. tools to commit the world’s greatest hacking attack. Some protection government provides. On a side note, U.S. rulers are arming the Kurds in northern Syria and Iraq. That will blow back against us, as well.

Hack attacks will get worse, and soon. The Associated Press reports, “All this may be just a taste of what’s coming, another cyber security expert warned. Computer users worldwide—and everyone else who depends on them—should assume that the next big ‘ransomware’ attack has already been launched, and just hasn’t manifested itself yet, says Ori Eisen, founder of the Trusona cybersecurity firm in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

This version of the malware included a kill switch discovered by a pair of private sector cyber-security researchers and shared publicly, the opposite of secretive government, to limit its scope. The next attack won’t be so easy to slow down.

But NSA’s hacking tools won’t be limited to ransomware attacks. Terrorists will use those tools against critical infrastructure. Rulers talk about the vulnerabilities of power grids and water supplies all the time. What they don’t tell us is they’re the ones who made them vulnerable. They’re the ones developing the cyber-weapons to attack them. So when your electricity goes out or your drinking water gets contaminated, remember the government didn’t protect you. It caused the problem.

The solution to these problems is simple: stop ubiquitous spying. Stop planting vulnerabilities. Spies should focus on enemy governments, terrorists, and crooks only. But to rulers, only the people can take away their power, so the people are the only real threat. That’s why they target us.

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