Conspiracy Theorist: 5/31/16

Much ado about property rights

Mark Luedtke

You might have heard about the heathens in North Carolina preventing transgenders from using the bathroom of their choice. Roy Cordato explains how the conflict started.

“In late February the Charlotte, North Carolina, city council passed an ‘antidiscrimination’ law, scheduled to go into effect on April 1. It was aimed at protecting what, in the view of the city council, are the rights of those in the gay, lesbian and transgender community,” he writes. “The centerpiece of this law was a provision that prohibits businesses providing bathrooms, locker rooms and showers from segregating usage of those facilities by gender, biologically defined. Biological males or females must be allowed to use the facilities of the opposite sex if they claim that that is the sex they identify with psychologically. (Note, no proof was required.)”

This sounds like laws being enacted around the country, but such laws create conflict between people who want to use public bathrooms only with people of the same sex, the way bathrooms have been in the U.S. for generations, and people who want to use bathrooms with the opposite sex for whatever reason, mostly nefarious.

The LGBT community considered this act of coercion a victory, but government coercion, because it creates conflict, only benefits rulers and their cronies.

North Carolina’s rulers responded in a rare, reasonable fashion, but you wouldn’t know that if you only get your news from the mainstream media. The Washington Post provides a typical example. “The North Carolina bill requires individuals to use the bathroom that matches the gender listed on their birth certificate and restricts local governments from providing specific protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Unfortunately this report isn’t true, but based on false reporting like it, businesses are lining up to boycott North Carolina. Both Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam canceled concerts to protest the law. Breitbart lists eight performers boycotting. Even the NBA has joined the boycott, threatening to pull the 2017 All Star game from Charlotte.

Supplying clarity, Cordato describes what the law actually says. “The law in North Carolina that so many progressives are up in arms about does not prohibit businesses from having bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, etc., that allow use by people of all genders defined biologically, psychologically, or whatever,” he explains. The birth certificate test applies only in government buildings like schools. That protection keeps randy schoolboys from lurking around girls’ bathrooms and leering at them.

Nobody in their right mind supports Peeping Toms looking through holes into girls’ showers, but leftists would allow the Peeping Toms into girls’ showers. Springsteen, Pearl Jam and the rest might change their minds if they had school-age daughters.

By using the terms “limiting protection” for transgenders, leftists turned language upside-down to make it appear North Carolina’s rulers are the aggressors, not Charlotte’s. In reality, Charlotte’s rulers aggressed against local business owners. Because patronizing a business is voluntary and business owners work to please customers, no conflict existed until Charlotte passed the offending law. If a transgender individual didn’t like the bathroom policy of a business, he could go elsewhere.

North Carolina’s rulers reaffirmed the most fundamental right of all, the right of property owners to control their own property starting with their own bodies, removing the aggression in Charlotte.

That may be the real issue animating this boycott. While leftists blame religion for traditional, gender-separated bathrooms, the dominant religion producing this conflict is socialism: the belief that government is great, government is good, and government should order people around at the points of its guns. Halleluja. Amen.

Cordato concludes, “For the most part, and particularly in cases like this, religious freedom is nothing more than the right to use your own property in a way that comports with your religious beliefs. This applies not only to the issue of who gets to use what bathrooms but also to the Little Sisters of the Poor and [President] Obama’s contraceptive mandate, and most of the other religious freedom cases that are of concern to traditional values advocates. If property rights and economic freedom are the values that are upheld, then religious freedom will take care of itself.”

North Carolina’s rulers aren’t hurting anybody by upholding property rights, but Springsteen, Pearl Jam and the rest are hurting their fans including transgenders. The economic impact of a boycott may hurt every transgender in North Carolina along with everybody else. Hurting people is business as usual for progressive bullies.

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