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Your doctor’s treatments are based on lies

 by Mark Luedtke

 Like every other human being, your doctor works to advance his personal interests and the interests of his family first. But unlike most people, doctors work for the government. Doctors are trained in government schools to government standards, licensed by government, then they either work directly for government in government facilities or they’re so heavily regulated by the government they effectively work for it, advancing the interests of our rulers. They’re paid by insurance companies. Patients are low on their priority list.

Worse, your doctor doesn’t know how to cure most illnesses. Government’s monopoly funding of science has so thoroughly corrupted all science including medical research that most everything your doctor was taught is a lie. Doctors have been trained to be the world’s most aggressive pushers of drugs, hooking Americans into government-approved drug spirals which last all their lives. They do a great job of that, but that doesn’t cure anybody. Drugs mask symptoms, making people sicker.

The original sin of corrupt science that made Americans so fat and sick is the foundation of the lipid hypothesis. provided an excellent summary of this scientific fraud: “This issue can be traced back to the 1950s and a researcher named Ancel Keys whose ‘Seven Countries Study’ became the basis for his contention that cardiovascular disease was largely the result of high serum cholesterol levels brought on by a diet high in saturated fat. … Ancel Keys had put forth [the hypothesis] that a high-fat diet, particularly a diet high in saturated fat, was a major contributor to high cholesterol which in turn leads to heart disease in the form of arteriosclerosis (arterial plaque build-up).” To prove his predetermined hypothesis, “… [Keys] ‘cherry picked’ only those countries with numbers that supported his hypothesis and omitted a significant amount of data that showed there was actually no correlation between dietary fat, cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.”

No studies support Keys’s lipid hypothesis. That’s why it’s a hypothesis instead of a theory. Smart-heart-living continued: “The upshot is that today, some 50 years later, a lipid hypothesis based on faulty data is accepted as true by governments, health organizations, the media and industry. Official public policy is created and fat, especially saturated fat, is demonized. We’re told to include a significant amount of grains and other starches in our diets, and we, the general population, are left eating a recommended diet that has led to an unprecedented obesity epidemic and rapidly escalating rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other diseases.”

Everything you’ve heard about cholesterol is based on this lie. Lipitor is the best selling drug in the U.S., but its prescription is based on a lie. The same is true for all statins. There is no evidence high cholesterol causes heart disease. In fact, studies show that following government’s supposedly heart healthy diet of high carbohydrates and low fat worsens the prognosis for heart disease and diabetes.

It gets worse. Forty years of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) research has been found fatally flawed because an invalid method was used to collect the data. Nutrition blogger Karen DeCoster put this in perspective: “Let’s see: federally-funded, quasi-nutritional research that has (1) long propped up Big Ag and its corresponding Industrial Food Machine, and (2) has promoted Food Pyramid mythology while enriching the satellites of the Pyramid scheme has been found to be a ‘fatally flawed’ example of scientific credibility.”

It’s inconceivable that none of the PhDs at the CDC recognized this for four decades. This had to be done on purpose. Everything government and its corporate agents have told you about nutrition is a lie to make you sick so you’ll spend more money on toxic pseudo-food and health care to enrich our rulers at our expense. Government and its corporate agents are intentionally making people obese and giving them heart disease, diabetes, cancer and all the other diseases of civilization. At the same time, government corrupts research so researchers like Jonas Salk cannot find cures or vaccines for these diseases like they could before government monopolized medical research. Today, government tries to destroy anybody who makes progress. It’s pure evil.

Business Insider lists 13 lies that made the world sick and fat. Here are a few:

Eggs are bad for your health. The reality: Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet and do not raise your risk of heart disease. Eggs for breakfast can help you lose weight.

Saturated fat is unhealthy. The reality: New studies show that saturated fat does not increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. It raises the good cholesterol and changes the “bad” cholesterol to a benign subtype.

Other lies include wheat is good for you. It’s not. Red meat is bad for you. It’s not. Vegetable oils are healthy. They’re not. Salt causes high blood pressure. It does not. Fat makes you fat. It does not.

The vast majority of health problems in the U.S. and most money Americans spend on health care is a product of the lies government tells us and the toxins its corporate agents feed us.

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 Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at


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