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Israel torpedoes U.S. again

 by Mark Luedtke


On June 8, 1967, during the Six Day War, Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats attacked a U.S. intelligence ship in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula. Famed war correspondent Eric Margolis described the attack: “[…] Eight Israeli recon flights flew over ‘Liberty,’ which was flying a large American flag. At 1400 hrs., waves of low-flying Israeli Mystere and Mirage-III fighter-bombers repeatedly attacked the American vessel with rockets, napalm and cannon. The air attacks lasted 20 minutes, concentrating on the ship’s electronic antennas and dishes.”

Margolis reported the attack didn’t stop there. “At 1424 hrs., three Israeli torpedo boats attacked, raking the burning ‘Liberty’ with 20mm and 40mm shells. At 1431 hrs., an Israeli torpedo hit the ‘Liberty’ midship, precisely where the signals intelligence systems were located.

“Israeli gunboats circled the wounded ‘Liberty,’ firing at crewmen trying to fight the fires. At 1515, the crew was ordered to abandon ship. The Israeli warships closed and poured machine gun fire into the crowded life rafts, sinking two. As American sailors were being massacred in cold blood, a rescue mission by U.S. Sixth Fleet carrier aircraft was mysteriously aborted on orders from the White House.”

The attack killed 34 U.S. crew members and wounded 171 out of a crew of 297.

Margolis offered a motive for the attack: “Why did Israel try to sink a naval vessel of its benefactor and ally? Most likely because ‘Liberty’s’ intercepts flatly contradicted Israel’s claim, made at the war’s beginning on 5 June, that Egypt had attacked Israel, and that Israel’s massive air assault on three Arab nations was in retaliation. In fact, Israel began the war by a devastating, Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack that caught the Arabs in bed and destroyed their entire air forces.”

Because the Israeli government exerts so much power on the U.S. government through the Israel lobby, both the U.S. and Israeli governments covered up the truth behind the attack, blaming it on mistaken identity.

The Israeli government is still thwarting peace in the Middle East today. The Israeli lobby pushed hard for the U.S. to attack Syria as a stepping stone to attacking Iran in the near future. They thought they succeeded when the Syrian rebels staged a false-flag chemical weapons attack that seemingly forced President Obama’s hand. Fortunately, Russian President Vladimir Putin derailed that attack by brokering a deal to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons.

This opened the door for negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, which were going extremely well, but the Israelis weren’t about to let these talks succeed. At the beginning of November, former Central Intelligence Agency counter-terrorism officer turned foreign policy analyst Philip Giraldi explained, “If the United States fails to take advantage of the opportunity to come to terms with Iran over its nuclear program it will be because of pressure from Israel. If the unthinkable happens and Washington actually attacks Iran, initiating another major war that will have far-reaching and possibly disastrous consequences, it will likewise be because of Israel.”

As if fulfilling a prophecy, a preliminary nuclear agreement between Iran and Western powers just collapsed. Atypically, the U.S. blamed Iran, and Iran blamed France, which also has a strong Israel lobby and a long history of colonial aspirations in the Middle East.

Justin Raimondo of described why the negotiations failed: “Held back from pursuing our own interests by the untenable and dangerous idea of ‘collective security,’ the U.S. is encumbered by the interests of its P5 + 1 [the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany] partners, not to mention our two most obstreperous ‘allies’ – Israel and Saudi Arabia – howling in the background. […] We are, in short, paying the price of ‘multilateralism.’ This policy of acting in concert with our alleged allies was supposed to be a more peaceful alternative to the warlike unilateralism pursued by George W. Bush – but that is not turning out to be the case in Geneva. The Obama administration could conclude a peace pact with Iran tomorrow, if it chose to do so, simply by ditching the ‘P5 + 1’ framework and talking to Tehran one-on-one.”

But that seems unlikely. Pat Buchanan fears Israel will get exactly what it wants: “If the [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu cabal succeeds in sabotaging U.S. negotiations with Iran, it is hard to see how we avoid another war that could set the Persian Gulf region ablaze and sink the global economy.”

Netanyahu has been claiming Iran is months away from getting a nuclear weapon for 20 years. He’s the boy who cried wolf a thousand times, but the wolf never appeared. But it keeps getting him elected. So, even though U.S. intelligence believes that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, a lot more Americans than were killed on the USS Liberty and even more Iranians might die because Netanyahu wants the U.S. to attack Iran and Obama is too cowardly to resist the establishment and make a unilateral deal. Let’s hope the warmongers lose for once.

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 Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at


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