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The Dayton Socialist Railroad Company

 by Mark Luedtke


Dayton city government owns a railroad. I’m not kidding. I know crony socialism runs rampant in Dayton, destroying wealth and turning the city into a ghost town, but I had no idea our rulers would go so far as to purchase and operate a railroad.

Mayor Leitzell, Mayor-elect Whaley nor any other of Dayton’s rulers would invest their own money to purchase and operate a railroad. They have no idea how to operate a railroad, and they know it. They have no expertise in railroad management. They have no experience. They have no training. If they invested their own money in a railroad, they would quickly go bankrupt. Much of the wealth they invested would be destroyed, the rest would be liquidated. They don’t do this because they aren’t stupid.

Yet, they greedily spend other people’s money – wealth stolen from taxpayers at the point of the government’s gun – on a railroad they operate. But socialism doesn’t magically grant them railroad management skills. Instead of their own wealth, they’re destroying our wealth in that railroad. Since we know they aren’t stupid, because they don’t squander their own wealth playing adult choo-choo, the only possibility that remains is they’re evil.

Profitable businesses benefit not only their owners, but their communities. At the end of every voluntary exchange, each party is better off – each party has something they value more than what they traded away. Trade makes each party wealthier. Profitable businesses create wealth. The more wealth created in a community, the more savings, investment and spending boost the economy. Everybody benefits.

On the flip side, unprofitable businesses not only harm their owners, but also their communities. Unprofitable businesses destroy wealth, making the entire community poorer by reducing investment, savings and spending, dragging down the economy. Everybody suffers.

CSX runs railroads for profit. It ran this railroad until 1993, when its managers planned to shut it down because it wasn’t profitable. Dayton city government purchased it knowing full well it was destroying wealth when run by excellent railroad managers. Now it’s destroying more wealth, making everybody in our community poorer.

As absurd as it is for city government to own and operate a failed railroad, our rulers are proud of this. In a recent city press release, they proudly announced their intent to steal $750,000 more from taxpayers to repair their mismanaged railroad: “Improvements on the rail line include rebuilding the crossing at Little Richmond Road, new crossing signals and other repairs and enhancements. Repairs on the bridge over Wolf Creek are expected in 2014.”

These guys are so out of touch, they explained right in the press release the real reason the government owns this railroad: “The rail line currently serves three businesses in Dayton and Trotwood employing 270 workers: NVR, Inc., Malt Products and Syncreon. Malt Products recently announced an expansion that will add 30 jobs and new product lines in Dayton.”

This is a blatant admission they use this railroad to transfer wealth from taxpayers to the wealthy owners of three businesses. The owners of those businesses naturally put money – our money – back into the pockets of the politicians and bureaucrats who are stealing it for them. This is crony socialism, naked and pure for all to see.

As always, it’s done in the name of jobs. Our Marxist rulers justify every theft by saying they’re creating jobs. You can’t walk 100 feet in Dayton without tripping over some crony socialist jobs program. The city is so torn up it looks like a training target for the U.S. Navy. If crony socialist projects really boosted the economy, Dayton would be the richest city on the planet. There’d be no unemployment. The only thing these projects boost is the bank accounts of our rulers.

That’s because all jobs are not created equal. Some jobs create wealth while others destroy wealth – some more than others. Since government produces nothing, government jobs destroy maximum wealth. Crony socialist jobs aren’t far behind. That’s why this Marxist focus on jobs is counterproductive. That belongs in the Soviet Union, not America. Americans should focus on creating wealth, which is what creates valuable jobs. Americans used to know this. Today, the Russians and Chinese understand this better than miseducated Americans. That’s why their economies grow while ours declines.

The Dayton Daily News recently reported Dayton has the nation’s emptiest core. That’s because Dayton government destroys so much wealth, wealth producers can’t keep up. Dayton’s rulers would have made great Soviets. Our city is being eaten away from the inside by the same socialist parasites who impoverished the Soviet people and destroyed their country. Our rulers talk about jobs and programs and plans like they’re regurgitating Soviet propaganda. They keep stealing our money to pay for them, and as a result, the city continues to decline.

A symbolic first step to fixing Dayton’s problems would be to sell the Dayton Socialist Railroad Company so entrepreneurs could use those resources to create wealth that benefits everybody. The market benefits everybody, but we have to let it work.


The views and opinions expressed in Conspiracy Theorist are the views and/or opinions of the author and do not reflect the views and/or opinions of the Dayton City Paper or Dayton City Media and are published strictly for entertainment purposes only.



The views and opinions expressed in Conspiracy Theorist are the views and/or opinions of the author and do not reflect the views and/or opinions of the Dayton City Paper or Dayton City Media and are published strictly for entertainment purposes only.

 Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at


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