Governments and religions should be measured by peace

by Mark Ludetke

Governments should be measured by the extent to which they limit aggression and promote peace, not by their form. The more aggression and violence employed by a state, the worse it is. The more governments reject aggression and promote peace, the better. Taxes, regulations, and most criminal laws, like the war on drugs, are acts of aggression.

By this measure, the Swiss government is the least bad major state in the West. The Swiss government has avoided war for 500 years, and its people are considered the freest of Western nations.

By the same standard, the U.S. government is the worst in the world today. The U.S. has military personnel coercing 130 countries. It’s been in a state of perpetual war, including in South America, for decades. It imprisons far more people both in total numbers and per capita than any other developed nation. Its burden of regulations dwarfs every other developed nation, as does the complexity of its tax code.

This doesn’t mean Switzerland is a better country than America. Governments aren’t countries. Governments rule countries, and for several hundred years, the government of America was the least bad in the world. Limited government allowed the American people to develop the American spirit and the greatest capital in the world in order to feed and supply the world. But in the last 100 years, since progressives took over both parties and foreign governments liberalized, the U.S. government has transformed from least bad to worst.

We still enjoy the benefits of capital developed by previous generations, but it’s being rapidly depleted. Just as Britain transformed from the most prosperous nation on Earth to a second-rate power in a decade or two as its empire collapsed, the same is happening to America right now.

The idea that the U.S. government exports democracy because democracies don’t go to war is absurd. U.S. rulers wage perpetual war for profit and to subjugate foreigners to make even more profit in the future.

They subjugate Americans for the
same reason.

While all coercive governments, regardless of form, are counterproductive to the people, in his book, “Democracy: The God That Failed,” Hans-Hermann Hoppe argues democracy is among the worst and claims monarchies are less bad. Democracy didn’t make America great. Limited government for three centuries, over half that under England’s monarchy, compared to the rest of the world enabled Americans to make America great.

The same measure should be applied to religions. Men have corrupted all religions for their own purposes, but they are not equally valid. As with governments, religions should be measured by the extent they promote non-aggression and peace to benefit people. Every major religion, with the possible exception of Buddhism, was co-opted by evil men for war for profit for centuries.

But in the West, the state overtook religion as the most powerful tool for evil men to wage war and subjugate others. Not so in the Middle East. The coercive, violent state is a new concept there, so religion remains preeminent. That has misled some people to believe Islam is inferior to Christianity because Islam promotes jihad, whereas in the West, war is waged by states, not religions.

Yet, we’re also told the U.S. is a Christian nation and Christianity is supposed to be a religion of peace, but the U.S. is waging war on Muslim countries, not vice-versa. Every Sunday in churches across America, Christians celebrate U.S. wars of aggression while preaching peace. American Christianity is a powerful promoter of war.

The U.S. has waged war, hot and cold, in Muslim countries since World War II. Only after decades of the U.S. foreign policy of bullying, bribes, and bombs did some Muslims take up jihad in response. The Orlando mass murderer cited the U.S. war in Afghanistan as motive for his attack.

I don’t know if Islam promotes war as talk radio hosts tell us, but I know why they think so. The modern Islamic jihad movement was initiated by the CIA radicalizing Muslims to fight the Soviet Union, and it continues with the CIA and U.S. allies’ funding, supplying, and arming ISIS and other jihadists to oust rulers in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere—supported by American Christians.

It’s hard to see any separation between Christianity and state when it comes to U.S. aggression and wars. The U.S. initiates by far the most violence of any state in the world, and American Christians are leading enablers for that violence.

Demand peace instead.

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