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Will you be the state’s next victim?

By: Mark Luedtke

Rome’s Praetorian Guards – the guardians of the Roman state – famously turned on Roman citizens as the Roman Empire declined. Not to be outdone, as America declines, the guardians of the U.S. police state have gleefully adopted anal rape, in the most horrific manner, as a tactic to terrorize innocent Americans.

One victim described how she was attacked in a lawsuit against Federal agents, the El Paso County Hospital District’s Board of Managers, University Medical Center and Drs. Michael Parsa and Christopher Cabanillas. The New Mexican woman was returning from Mexico by foot across the Bridge of the Americas. The El Paso Times described how her ordeal started: “The search took place at about 2 p.m. Dec. 12, 2012, when the [unnamed] woman was coming back from seeing a family friend, whom she calls ‘Uncle’ and tries to visit once a month. As her passport was swiped, a [Customs and Border Protection] officer told her she was ‘randomly’ picked for a secondary inspection, where [Federal agents named in the lawsuit] Portillo and Herrera frisked her through her clothing. ‘One of the agents ran her finger over Ms. Doe’s genital area during the frisk,’ the lawsuit said.”

What the victim described is a crime called gross sexual imposition. By their own admission, the agents had no probable cause to suspect the victim was smuggling anything. If we lived in a sane, lawful or compassionate society, both agents would have been arrested on the spot and prosecuted, but we live in a society ruled by a barbarous relic of our primitive past – the state – so its agents escalated their attack despite finding no evidence of drugs. This shows the war on drugs has nothing to do with stopping people from using drugs. It’s merely a pretense to attack and otherwise oppress the people.

The Times continued: “Then the woman was told to squat as one of the officers ‘inserted her finger in the crevice of Ms. Doe’s buttocks.’ The frisk did not show any evidence of contraband or drugs, the lawsuit said. Then the woman was told to stand in a line with other people as a drug-sniffing dog walked by. The officer with the dog ‘hit the ground by her feet, but did not hit the ground by any of the others in the line,’ the lawsuit said. ‘The dog responded by lunging onto Ms. Doe and landing its front paws on her torso.’”

Phony drug dogs are a common scam used by the police as a pretense to attack victims. When drug dogs don’t signal anything, their handler signals the dog to react. The dog reacts as trained to the handler, not drugs. All the cops know it. Prosecutors know it. Judges know it. It’s a big joke to them. These phony drug dog hits keep victims filling courtrooms and prisons and paying the salaries of the corrupt drug warriors.

Still having found no evidence of drugs, the state’s agents escalated the attack further: “The woman was taken to another room and asked to take off her pants and crouch as her anus and vagina were examined with a flashlight, the lawsuit said. The woman, now crying, was taken to University Medical Center after the strip search did not find anything.”

They escalated the attack at a local hospital. “While handcuffed to an examination table, the woman was searched again by both officers and Cabanillas and Parsa. She was given a laxative and had a bowel movement in a portable toilet in front of both officers, the lawsuit said. Then the woman’s abdomen was X-rayed, but there were no signs of drugs or any other contraband in the woman’s body. A speculum was used to probe her vagina and Parsa’s fingers were used to inspect both her vagina and rectum while the door to the examining room was left open, the lawsuit said. At this point the lawsuit claims, ‘Ms. Doe felt that she was being treated less than human, like an animal. The last test was a CT scan of the woman’s abdomen and pelvis, which resulted in no evidence of illegal activity being found.” To top it off, the hospital charged her $5,000 for the procedure.

This isn’t an isolated incident. The same thing happened to David Eckert after he was stopped on a pretext by New Mexico police. His lawsuit claimed he was anally raped eight times and charged for the procedure by the hospital. One doctor refused to cooperate with police, calling their attack unethical. This has happened to at least two other victims in New Mexico. Texas police performed cavity searches on the side of the road after stopping two women for tossing a cigarette butt out the window. Kansas police cavity searched a mother because her toddlers dropped pebbles into a mailbox. Cavity searches became the new normal after the Supreme Court granted cops broad discretionary powers of strip searches.

The state is a monster that employs sexually deviant monsters. I challenge apologists for the state to justify how it can be trusted with any power.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at


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