Victory for the forgotten man

Mark Luedtke

One of the laws of economics can be stated as “If something is unsustainable, it will end.” That’s true of the political economy, as well as the productive economy.

Since the beginning of the progressive 20th century, Western progressive rulers have relentlessly amassed power into central governments and their few hands. The most obvious example was the creation of the European Union (EU), which was 70 years in the making. A product of bankers and their CIA agents designed to complement NATO, the EU forces uniform regulations onto culturally distinct European people.

Amassing coercive power into the hands of a few always concentrates wealth into the hands of a few, creating massive income inequality and a two-tiered society. Giant welfare states are built on the backs of the forgotten man who is looted by rulers to pay for their opulence.

The defining characteristic of the forgotten man is he works hard for a living. He has no time to organize political resistance or go into the streets to protest the ever-increasing burden placed on him. He doesn’t even have time to break the brainwashing government schools perform on his children.

That gives rulers and their useful idiot allies political advantage that grows over time.

Until June 23, 2016. That’s the day the forgotten man in the United Kingdom (UK), who I’ll call Britons, voted to exit the EU, called Brexit, breaking the trend of ever-increasing power and wealth for rulers at the expense of the people.

Rulers were shocked. After months of threats against Britons if they voted to leave, politicians, their accomplices in the media, the polls, the prediction markets and the stock markets all predicted the U.K. would remain in the EU. Rulers were so sure of the outcome, they didn’t make arrangements to steal the election if they lost, so they’re stuck with the result. From the top of the human pyramid, rulers can’t see the serfs whose backs they’re breaking. To rulers, the forgotten man is not only forgotten, he’s invisible.

But even change for the better is painful at first. Rulers will punish those uppity Britons who rejected them, not only to teach a lesson to other countries that might consider leaving, but out of spite.

The U.K.’s Express reports, “France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary could leave.

Front National leader Marine Le Pen has pledged to hold a French referendum if she emerges victorious in next year’s presidential elections. While for the past two months a Nexit has been on the cards after Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected a Ukraine-European Union treaty…. Angela Merkel’s country [Germany] faces having to pay an extra £2.44 billion a year to the annual EU budget once Britain has left.”

The Guardian highlights the spite: “A senior EU leader has confirmed the bloc wants Britain out as soon as possible, warning that David Cameron’s decision to delay the start of Brexit negotiations until his successor is in place may not be fast enough.” Another ruler declared the EU will stop speaking English.

The EU is on the verge of disintegrating unless something drastic, like NATO starting a war with Russia, scares Europeans into staying.

This is the biggest and best political upheaval since the fall of the Soviet Union, and it’s just the start. People around the world have been itching to cast off distant rulers, but have been unable to do so. Quebec, Scotland, Venice, and Catalonia all failed to secede, but they’ll try again with renewed vigor.

It’s ironic that Americans, whose Founding Fathers executed the first major succession in history, now watch passively as Britons lead the way. But not all Americans watch passively. Support for Texas independence surged after Brexit.

President Obama bears some responsibility for Brexit. After he threatened Britons if they left, support for Brexit surged. Clinton rode his coattails, and both were trampled in history’s dust. Only Trump was smart enough to support Brexit and be on the right side of history.

Highlighting another difference between British and U.S. rulers, British Prime Minister David Cameron, champion of remaining in the EU, immediately announced his resignation after the vote while, from inside his narcissistic bubble, Obama denied any responsibility.

Short-term pain will give way to long-term gain as Britons cast off the burden of EU taxes and regulations. The same for all people who follow the UK’s lead. States rights and succession reduce the burden of government and benefit all forgotten men.

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Reach DCP freelance writer Mark Luedtke at

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