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Ukraine illustrates upside-down world 

By Mark Luedtke

Sixty years ago, the Soviet Union was instigating coups and starting civil wars all around the globe to spread communism. The U.S. fought against communist aggression in Korea, Vietnam and South America. Today, we live in an upside-down world. In the last decade or so, the U.S. has instigated coups and civil wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria to propagate U.S. bankster socialism. That’s why the Libyan rebels set up a central bank in Benghazi before the civil war had begun in earnest. As a result, all of these countries are powder kegs now. The only reason U.S. troops aren’t publicly fighting and dying in Syria – special forces are doing so secretly – is Russian President Vladimir Putin saved their lives by brokering a deal to remove Syria’s chemical weapons.

Now, the U.S. has added Ukraine and Venezuela to the list of countries in which our rulers are instigating coups. As usual, the U.S. press, calling the coup a democracy movement, has the story upside-down. The president, who was ousted by U.S.-backed mobs, was democratically elected. Any doubt about who was behind the coup was erased when a recording of a U.S. official saying, “F**k the EU” on an unsecured phone was leaked. Economic Policy Journal reported, “In the call, which was anonymously posted on YouTube, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt lay out their desired outcome for the crisis in Ukraine and accuse the European Union of not doing enough.”

While this story reached prominence in the U.S. in February, during the Putin-bashing Olympics, Storyleak reported in December, “What is particularly surprising about the current color revolution unfolding in the Ukraine is this nation was the site of the very same CIA implementation plan back in 2004/2005. The Orange Revolution, as it was known at the time, was a classic CIA-engineered plot to impose their political outcome on the Ukrainian people. And they succeeded with flying colors. That CIA-sponsored coup d’état was so successful, it has since been used as a model for every other CIA-manufactured scheme that has toppled governments and reversed fair election outcomes the world over. In fact, the Ukraine is where the various social network utilities were used so effectively, the new M.O. has become known as the ‘digital blitzkrieg.’ Never in human history have so many citizens been stampeded in the direction of overthrowing their government while being completely ignorant of the real forces manipulating the cattle prods.”

This coup attempt by a small, organized, violent mob was successful, too. Not wasting any time, Kiev’s victorious mobsters immediately shook down the EU for a €5 billion payoff. Now, Ukraine is divided between its European west and its Russian east. Russian troops have seized control of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. If U.S. aggressors really thought they could bluff Putin into sitting idle while they took control of Ukraine, they were mistaken.

A similar situation is playing out in Venezuela, with one difference being Venezuela is an economic basket case because of nearly two decades of socialism. explained what happened in Venezuela: “In Venezuela, opponents of the Bolivarian Revolution hoped to win in the polls in a way they had repeatedly failed to do while Chavez was alive. But Chavez’ successor, Nicolás Maduro, handed them yet another defeat, and the revolution continued. Despite monitors from around the world certifying the election as fair, the United States continued to defy every other country in the world by refusing to recognize Maduro’s victory and backing the opposition’s claims of fraud and their demands for further recounts.”

The modus operandi seems to be, if the U.S.-backed party can’t win in a fair election, initiate a coup by mob in the streets. So much for U.S. claims to support democracy.

While these coups might seem like isolated incidents, many see a pattern of the U.S. picking fights with Russia. Russia has a navy base in Syria, historical ties to Ukraine and is currently negotiating for military support with Venezuela. Provoking the only other nuclear superpower in the world seems outrageously dangerous. Justin Raimondo believes current geopolitical tensions parallel the situation before World War I: “Add to [Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela] the ongoing turmoil in Iraq and the complete collapse of the Afghan front (aided by the antics of Afghan President Hamid Karzai), and the world situation begins to greatly resemble that which occasioned the outbreak of World War I – the ‘Great War’…”

The question is: Why would U.S. rulers want to provoke Russia? The answer is: They need a scapegoat for the coming economic collapse. They can’t allow the people to realize central banking itself – counterfeiting fantastic amounts of funny money – is the cause of the impending collapse. They have to blame the collapse on something else. War, Russia and Putin make great scapegoats. March 3 headlines blamed Ukraine for a global economic crisis and for the worst U.S. stock day since January, but don’t let our rulers fool you. Putin isn’t stealing our money and destroying our country. They are.


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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at 


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