Conspiracy Theorist 8/14: Hot, humid, and dishonest

T he global warming frauds finally got what they wanted: a hot spell over most of the northern hemisphere. To listen to them, you would think this has never happened in history, but of course it has. The Earth was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period and when Jesus Christ walked the Earth. It was […]

Frauds finally get what they want

By Mark Luedtke

The global warming frauds finally got what they wanted: a hot spell over most of the northern hemisphere. To listen to them, you would think this has never happened in history, but of course it has. The Earth was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period and when Jesus Christ walked the Earth. It was warmer during the dust bowl. It was warmer last year, but none of that matters. All that matters to the frauds is capitalizing on the current hot spell to steal as much money from taxpayers as possible.

To that end, hyperbole proves useful. USA Today reports, “In the  past 30 days, there have been 3,092 new daily high temperatures, 159 new monthly heat records and 55 all-time highs worldwide, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In the U.S. alone, there have been 1,542 new daily high temperatures, 85 new monthly heat records and 23 all-time highs during the same period, most of which were recorded in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana.”

That story may be technically accurate, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Yahoo News presents more of the story about Phoenix. “Phoenix, which is already devilishly hot because it’s in the Sonoran Desert, is also an ‘urban heat island [UHI],’ a phenomenon that pushes up temperatures in areas covered in heat-retaining asphalt and concrete,” it wrote.

Similarly, KATU reports on Portland, “The general rule is the closer you are to a dense forest, the cooler it will be. Highways, concrete and a lack of trees heat things up. On days in the 90s, the difference from one neighborhood to another can be 12 to 15 degrees, Shandas says. Asphalt, in particular, is one of the biggest contributors to urban heat.”

Every city is a heat island, and as they grow and absorb more heat, their surface temperature stations record ever higher local temperatures. That’s one reason satellite temperature readings are more accurate, and they show almost no global warming. Almost all the warming in the surface station temperature record is accounted for by local UHI phenomenon, but that doesn’t stop scientific frauds from claiming localized high temperatures recorded by those ground stations are really caused by global warming.

That’s true for stations that still meet location specifications. Many don’t. For example, it was discovered exhaust from a stationary ice cream truck caused a station in Scotland to report record high temperatures. The more cities grow, the more cases like that occur.

You might expect the global warming frauds would make some headway during the hot spell, but no. Not one respondent to a recent open-ended Gallup poll question said climate change was our biggest problem, and even MSNBC host Chris Hayes called climate change a ratings killer.

But the frauds are relentless. They claim climate change, not weather, is responsible for the heat wave and for the Thai soccer team getting trapped in the cave. Despite failing every crazy prediction they’ve ever made that’s been testable, a fraud made a new prediction that humans would go extinct if we didn’t stop climate change by 2023. Even the socialist Pope jumped on the bandwagon, claiming global warming will “leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse.”

Writing at the New Yorker, Natalie Meade whined about Trump cutting the taxpayer-funded global warming gravy train. A former USAID worker lamented, “It’s a source of frustration for a lot of people. The money flows into the countries for a disaster, and, as soon as the disaster’s over, it will completely disappear with no prep work for the next one.”

The global warming fraud has always been about stealing billions of dollars from taxpayers every year. That’s why it never ends no matter how little people care about it. If you thought government existed to work for your benefit, this should prove you wrong.

Just as leftists have infiltrated, taken over, and purged governments, schools, universities, media companies, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, they’re doing the same to science, corrupting it to advance their hateful, power-hungry political agenda. John Tierney explains, “But two huge threats to science are peculiar to the Left—and they’re getting worse. The first threat is confirmation bias, the well-documented tendency of people to seek out and accept information that confirms their beliefs and prejudices… And that brings us to the second great threat from the Left: its long tradition of mixing science and politics.”

I would add leftists use any means including violence to silence those who disagree, even in science.

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