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Kidnapped schoolgirls used as political pawns

By Mark Luedtke

The news is filled with outrage of the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls by an Islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram. On cue, President Obama’s underpaid women howled with rage. 

“Howls of fury erupted from leftist women’s groups in the U.S., and from President Barack Obama’s liberal warrior women, Susan Rice and UN ambassador Susan Powers,” reported Eric Margolis on his website. “Hillary Clinton lost no time in jumping on this vote-winning issue.”

Every civilized person should be against the kidnapping of anyone, not just schoolgirls, and politicians can’t lose by feigning outrage about this reported kidnapping. Michelle Obama was so incensed, she tweeted. That ought to scare the kidnappers. She also gave the presidential address about the kidnappings. I didn’t realize she had been elected president. Maybe she’s trying to be co-president, like Hillary was with Bill. Maybe she’s planning to follow Hillary’s model and ride her husband’s coattails to her own political career. Apparently that’s what apex feminist role models do.

But it’s suspicious how this concern for kidnapped schoolgirls being forced into marriage suddenly appeared. And one might wonder where the outrage is for other, say American, kidnapped children. It’s reminiscent of the way leftists suddenly supported gay marriage when it became politically advantageous.

Kidnapping children and making them brides is nothing new. Bride kidnapping is so commonplace, Wikipedia has a page on it. 

“Bride kidnapping has been practiced throughout history around the world and continues to occur in countries in Central Asia, the Caucasus region, and parts of Africa, and among peoples as diverse as the Hmong in Southeast Asia, the Tzeltal in Mexico, and the Romani in Europe,” it states. Given reports chimpanzees and even dolphins kidnap females for sex, it’s likely kidnapping child brides is older than humanity, and the modern version is an expression of an animal instinct.

Aggression should never be tolerated, but when leftists who support massive, institutionalized aggression against every aspect of people’s lives suddenly howl in concert as if at the moon in response to one specific act of aggression, one of many they never cared about before, I question their motives. They were unmoved when the fascists they raised to power in Ukraine immolated protesters. They were unmoved when thousands of Afghans were buried alive in mudslides. They are motivated by neither humanitarianism, nor compassion. Yet, the Nigerian schoolgirl kidnapping sparks their outrage. Their orchestrated response stinks of cynical, political motives engaged in for personal gain.

Margolis noted, “American foreign policy reacts to oil and gas as my cats do to catnip. Now, under the pretext of deep concern for the missing schoolgirls, the U.S. and Nigeria’s former colonial master, Britain, are rushing intelligence agents and special forces to this vast nation of 170 million.

“Nigeria is Africa’s leading oil and gas producer. Over 40 percent of its exports go to the United States, supplying 10 percent of America’s energy needs. Nearby Angola has become another major energy supplier to the U.S.”

Boy, it would be convenient if something happened in Nigeria that would provide a pretext for sending in U.S. troops, like a mass kidnapping of schoolgirls. The Christian Science Monitor, hardly a bastion of conspiracy theorists, is skeptical of the story. 

“For all the urgent headlines and advocacy, however, what is still missing are basic facts,” it reported. “It is unclear how many girls were abducted, who they are, who did it, at what time, and exactly how – a dearth of solid information that has deepened the distress and anger in Nigeria and spurred global calls for action.”

And the Nigerian government is acting suspiciously. “Nigerians want an explanation, for example, as to why local people say they have seen the girls traveling in the countryside – and this under the extreme crackdown known as emergency rule – but that the military has not given details nor staged a rescue.”

This story is so bizarre the Nigerian government claims the head of Boko Haram, although seen on videos with supposedly kidnapped schoolgirls, is dead, killed long ago. 

Kevin Barrett reported, “Many Nigerians wonder whether Boko Haram really exists. The supposed radical Islamic organization has been blamed for the killings of thousands of people. Yet, details about the group are so murky many observers suspect it may be more mythical than real. According to one theory, the real killers are mercenaries paid to stage false-flag ‘Islamic terror’ in order to justify foreign intervention in oil-rich Nigeria.” That would explain why then-Secretary of State Clinton refused to designate the group as terrorists.

This could be a movie plot, a combination of “The Mouse That Roared” and “Wag the Dog” with the rulers of both countries winning. Nearly 30 U.S. troops are already searching for the schoolgirls. The U.S. is flying manned reconnaissance and drones, another expansion of the stupidest empire in history.

Shortly after U.S. troops started their search, two bombs exploded, killing 118 people. As always, U.S. rulers, and in this case Nigeria’s, too, will profit from the intervention, but it will incite more terrorism, and people of both countries will pay with blood and treasure.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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