Police corruption

It’s the rule, not the exception

By Mark Luedtke

While nearly every mainstream media news story is fake news, I recently saw a refreshingly honest story about police corruption in the Dayton Daily News. Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Steven Dankof granted a motion to suppress evidence obtained in a traffic stop of Calvin Wilson because police officers staged the reason for the stop.

Staging a fake traffic stop isn’t news. While working for a local attorney, I learned cops perform pretextual traffic stops to look for drugs all the time. Day in and day out, they profile drivers then create phony reasons to pull them over and search them and their vehicles for drugs. They perform illegal searches under the pretense of looking for weapons because they’re supposedly scared of their victims. Before every trial, defense attorneys file motions to suppress and present evidence the traffic stops were staged, but the hearings are shams. Everybody in the courtroom knows the stops were staged, cops lie about it every time, but judges never grant the motions.

This is a man-bites-dog story because Dankof granted the motion. And it’s because of the video. The video proves this isn’t unusual. The cops know they’re going to get away with it because they get away with it all the time. All cops. This is corrupt business as usual for the police. They have a culture of corruption.

The DDN reports, “[Dankof] called [Officer] Davis’ testimony that Wilson pulled out two or three car lengths ahead of him–forcing him to slam on his brakes–‘flatly untrue’ and calculated that the video showed the vehicles were at least 18 car lengths apart. He wrote the police vehicle gently decelerated to the speed limit.”

The brazenness of Davis’ lie shows police are getting bolder with their lies. Hooray for Dankof for being brave enough to call out this liar.

Needless to say, the prosecutor has appealed Dankof’s decision.

Not all victims of police corruption are black, but most are. The NAACP doesn’t understand racial profiling by police, and that’s why it’s ineffective at stopping it. Police racially profile young black men not because the police are racists but because their victims are easy to convict. If they don’t have drugs, cops plant drugs on them. That’s also common. Then prosecutors knock all blacks off the jury before the trial. All-white juries routinely convict young black men. Except in this case, judges rubber stamp this corrupt process that has nothing to do with justice.

Cops and prosecutors profile blacks for economic reasons. It’s how they get promotions, bigger houses, and nicer cars. That’s why racial profiling won’t go away.

In a similar story the same week, a Baltimore cop was caught planting evidence on a victim. CNN reports, “The video reportedly shows what happened during what might otherwise have been a typical drug bust on January 24. Released by the Office of the Public Defender, the video purports to show a Baltimore police officer planting evidence at the scene of a drug arrest.”

Once again the brazenness of the cop illustrates this happens all the time, everywhere. Cops know they’re going to get away with it even though it’s on camera because they get away with it all the time.

Other incidents prove these are not bad apples. Laws of aggression require cops to harm innocent people. For example, The Free Thought Project reports, “Charnesia Corley was on her way to the store to get medicine for her sick mother last June when she was detained by police for allegedly running a stop sign. Within minutes, this routine traffic stop turned into a waking nightmare.”

A cop searching for drugs digitally raped Corley in the gas station parking lot. You can search YouTube for videos of cops digitally raping victims on the side of the road. Every day cops bust down doors, invade homes, and attack peaceful people in their sleep. People who become cops choose to harm peaceful people. In a free society, they would be the crooks and we would hire peaceful security officers to protect ourselves from them.

Socialist policing is inherently coercive, violent, and corrupt, and therefore police forces attract aggressive, violent, and corrupt people to work for them. Good people get washed out. The worst rise to the top.

You can’t reform socialism. You have to abolish it. Including socialist police.

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