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The Progressives have won

By Mark Luedtke

The state has a problem. Since it exists by stealing wealth from the people, it must control the people to keep them from resisting. To maximize the wealth it steals, it must engender the loyalty of the people. But familial loyalty competes against loyalty to the state, so the state wages war on the family to undermine familial loyalty and turn that loyalty to itself. Of course, most of the Progressives who control both political parties will never admit this. Feminists are the exception.

“The nuclear family must be destroyed,” said Linda Jordan in the Economic Policy Journal. “Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.” 

“We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage,” added Robin Morgan.

USA Today reports mission accomplished: “A record-low 51 percent of adults aged 18 and older in the United States were married in 2010, compared with 72 percent in 1960, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census data.”

Progressives accomplished this using carrots – welfare – and sticks – fear and war. Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson pushed the warfare agenda with the Philippine occupation and World War I. Franklin Roosevelt expanded welfare with Social Security and the New Deal and warfare with World War II. Lyndon Johnson further expanded welfare with Medicare and warfare in Vietnam. The income tax, Federal Reserve, war on drugs and every other coercive policy weakens families by taking wealth and power from them, too. Since Kennedy, every president has expanded both the warfare and welfare state, undermining the family with every coercive new policy. Every power the people allow the state, it uses as a weapon against them. 

But nothing has done more to destroy the family than government schools. U.S. government schools are modeled on the Prussian system, which was specifically designed to pry children from their families and engender loyalty to the state. For most children, the scariest day of their childhood is the day government kidnaps them from their parents, locks them into prison-schools and chains them to a desk. Government agents – teachers – brainwash them with terror tactics including lockdown drills and alarmism about global warming. 

“Child psychiatrists, psychologists and educators say they’ve seen an escalation in the anxiety levels of today’s youth, who are constantly exposed to doomsday talk about the destruction of our planet,” The Globe and Mail reported. Children are also encouraged to spy on their parents.

Butler Shaffer, professor at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, explained regimentation is the most important “R” of government schools.

“A newspaper headline read: ‘Parent-teacher collaboration key to improving student behavior,’” he said. “Behavior, not learning, is the stated objective, and now such ends are openly admitted. I can just imagine government-school administrators and teachers pondering the question: ‘How are we gonna make the little bastards obey us?’” 

Government schools aren’t about teaching children to learn. They’re primarily about brainwashing children to obey.

But government schools are grossly unnatural and harmful to children. Healthy children rebel. For that, government agents punish them, and if punishment doesn’t work, other government agents – doctors – drug them into submission.

Government schools cause serious health problems for children. One in 13 children is on psych meds. In 2011, the CDC reported one in 88 American children had autism. By 2014, the number jumped to one in 68. This is insane. These children aren’t, or weren’t, unhealthy. Government coercion makes them unhealthy.

And boys are diagnosed more often than girls. If a boy acts like a boy, he’s considered mentally ill, diagnosed with either ADHD or autism, and medicated into submission. If a boy acts like a girl, he’s considered transgender, his fantasy is nurtured, not rejected and progressives compel others to treat him as a girl. This, too, is insane.

When children fantasize about invisible friends, nobody nurtures that fantasy. If a child thinks he’s a dog, nobody nurtures that fantasy. But progressive insanity forces society to support transgender fantasies to the point of delusion. Government schools allow delusional children to use the other gender’s bathroom. The concerns of non-delusional students and their parents don’t matter.

The New York Times highlighted this madness. 

“The night before Susan and Rob allowed their son to go to preschool in a dress, they sent an email to parents of his classmates,” it reported. “Alex, they wrote, ‘has been gender-fluid for as long as we can remember, and at the moment he is equally passionate about and identified with soccer players and princesses, superheroes and ballerinas (not to mention lava and unicorns, dinosaurs and glitter rainbows).’” These parents demand everybody else conform to their damaging parenting.

The Progressives have won. Masculinity is a mental illness. Men must act like girls to be considered normal in progressive’s upside-down world. Progressives broke marriage and family institutions, then patted gays on the head and gave them their discarded marriage institution. They viciously demand votes in return for their poisoned gifts. Now the first gay Episcopal bishop is divorcing his husband. Some victory. The only victor in all this is the state.

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Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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