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Government does not work us

by Mark Luedtke

Arguably the most successful lie rulers have brainwashed the people into believing is that government works for us. People frequently say we have to remind government agents they work for us. They say we pay their salaries. Police cars proclaim, “To Protect and Serve.”

But this is demonstrably false. The only way one can work for another is if he does so voluntarily. Taxes aren’t voluntary. The government extracts them from us at the point of its gun. If you don’t pay, armed men storm your house, shoot your dog and stick guns in your face and in the faces of everybody you live with. If you survive the assault, they’ll lock you in a cage and steal your money in an inherently corrupt socialist court run by the same brigands stealing your money.

Our rulers no more work for us than slave masters worked for slaves. Your civics teacher lied.

Police don’t protect and serve us. They protect and serve our rulers. For example, if you want to peacefully buy raw milk, the police won’t protect you while you do so. They will attack you for doing so because our rulers might lose a couple dollars if you buy healthy, raw milk from a local farmer instead of buying dead, industrial milk, shipped halfway across the country from a giant food corporation.

Some people claim we are a nation of laws, ruled by the rule of law, so cops have to attack people for performing peaceful, but illegal, activities. This is false, too. The rule of law means the law applies equally to everybody. This has never been true in the U.S. It can never be true when government enforcers are allowed to commit crimes like stealing money and assaulting peaceful people. Government corrupted law to legalize its acts of aggression. Like all socialist systems, the U.S. has a two-tiered set of laws, one for serfs and one for rulers. For example, if a mom with a gun permit from Pennsylvania carries her weapon into New Jersey, she is aggressively prosecuted. Enforcers who do the same are not.

As reported by, one former cop admitted in an email police are first and foremost uniformed tax collectors. “The amount of officers dedicated strictly to revenue generating would shock most people,” he wrote in response to an Aug. 19 report. “Most of my reports were after the crime was committed that went nowhere. I would laugh when people would ask if we were looking for their car, property, missing loved one or the person that just assaulted or robbed them. We had no time to do these investigations and was as you stated simply for insurance purposes [sic]. Only high crimes such as serious assault, murder and rape are investigated by the detective bureau or prosecuted by a district attorney.”

The second priority of enforcers is to protect rulers from the people. That’s why the NSA and police forces spy on every American. That’s why there are surveillance cameras on every corner, except where our rulers live. That’s why police violently shut down protests.

The third function of enforcers is to provide the illusion of legitimacy for government. That’s why they capture and convict somebody, whether it’s the right person or not, whenever a serious crime is committed, but they laugh when you ask them to recover your stolen goods.

One of the easiest ways for police to generate revenue is to troll for young black men under the guise of fighting crime, shake them down, then charge them with selling drugs. Whether the charge is true or not doesn’t matter because it’s easy to convince a white jury, as nearly all are, to convict young black men. This is why cops charge black men with drug crimes at outrageously higher rates than whites, even though blacks and whites do drugs at about the same rate. If cops trolled for young white men, there’d be uproar. When they troll for young black men, they’re congratulated for fighting crime, and their budgets increase. The systematic aggression of the war on drugs, along with socialist education, minimum wage aggression and interventionist economic policies, is perfect for oppressing and persecuting blacks.

Ubiquitous police aggression is the context for the killing of a young, unarmed black man in Ferguson, Mo., the killing of a young black man carrying a toy gun in Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio, and the killing of all young, unarmed black men by cops. But the legalized, systematic aggression of cops against all serfs, regardless of race, is the root problem. The racial aspect is a symptom. Cops exhibit the rapist’s mentality: submit to their aggression or die, and the most successful are rewarded with promotions.

The biggest mistake blacks have made in resisting police brutality is mistaking race as the primary factor. It alienates the majority of the population and ignores the root problem. But it makes race agitators like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson rich, so it continues.

Cops legally kill over 400 Americans a year. Only 96 are blacks killed by white officers. To stop the carnage, we must recognize the root cause is the systematic aggression inherent in socialist policing.

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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