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Lifehouse and Switchfoot join forces at Rose Music Center

Photo: Lifehouse’s (l-r) Steve Stout, Jason Wade, Bryce Soderberg, and Ricky Woolstenhulme, Jr.

By Justin Kreitzer

Alternative rock band Lifehouse, led by singer-songwriter Jason Wade, emerged in the post-grunge era in the year 2000 with their still-inescapable hit, “Hanging By A Moment.” With their radio-friendly melodic rock sound and Wade’s uplifting, spiritual, lyrical themes, the band quickly garnered multi-platinum sales for their debut album, No Name Face. Since then, the trio, completed by bassist Bryce Soderberg and drummer Ricky Woolstenhulme, Jr., has continued to rock and release records, and on July 14 they released the 18-song Greatest Hits compilation.

Similarly, after their humble beginnings as Christian punk band Chin Up, the Grammy Award-winning rock band Switchfoot broke out into the mainstream with their 2003 multi-platinum major label debut, The Beautiful Letdown, on the strength of the soaring ballad “Dare You To Move” and the chunky modern rocker “Meant To Live.” The band, led by vocalist Jon Foreman, has also stayed busy in the ensuing years, having released their 10th album, Where The Light Shines Through, just last year.

Now the two bands have joined together for the first time on the co-headlining Looking For Summer tour, which will stop at the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Saturday, July 29.

Dayton City Paper spoke with Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse about the tour, their creative drive, and more.

What was the impetus for this tour with Switchfoot?

Bryce Soderberg: Switchfoot and their management contacted us about it. We haven’t been touring in quite some time, but thought it would be a really good fit.

After nearly two decades as a band, you recently released your first Greatest Hits compilation and are still going strong. What drives you now, this deep into your career?  

BS: Music still takes many different shapes and forms for us as we get older. We still enjoy creating and performing our songs, and the fact that we are still so close as friends and we can do this for a living after all this time is still incredible. We are very grateful for the career we have already had and look forward to the future as a band.

Are you working on a new album and will you be playing any new songs on this tour?

BS: Currently we are not working on a record; we have had some side projects going on in the band. The tour this summer will be mostly a compilation of our greatest hits.

I’m sure the fans love to hear ‘Hanging By A Moment’ but what is your favorite song to play live and why?

BS: We really enjoy playing “Spin,” “Flight,” and “Broken.” The songs “Broken” and “Everything” are usually fan favorites as well—they create an intimate moment with the fans during the set.

Which Switchfoot song do you look forward to hearing each night?

BS: We certainly look forward to hearing their hits “Meant to Live” and “Dare You To Move.” I also really enjoy “Float.” It’s going to be an incredible summer with them.

Additionally, Dayton City Paper spoke with Chad Butler of Switchfoot about their latest album, touring with Lifehouse, and more.

After 20 years, what keeps you going?

Chad Butler: I am grateful to make music I love with people I love. We take the music seriously, but not ourselves. We want to sing songs of hope because music is powerful and hope deserves an anthem.

Your most recent album proved very experimental with touches of New Wave, the peppy pop-punk of your earlier days, and even hip-hop, complete with guest verse from Christian rapper Lecrae.  What was the inspiration for the new album?

CB: Musically this record felt like a return to the electric guitars that we are known for while taking those guitars to new places that we hadn’t been before. This record really surprised us with its hopefulness. The songs came out of a tough season both personally and as a band; we were all doing a lot of soul searching. The songs of hope found us at a moment when we really needed it. Looking back, we shouldn’t be surprised that in the darkest moments the light shines brightest. That became a theme for this record: that the wound is where the light shines through. That song became a catalyst for the rest of the record.  It ended up being our most hopeful album yet. We have a greater love and respect for each other than ever before. It is a really exciting time for us as a band.

The lively ‘Oh! Gravity’ or ‘Meant To Live’ seem like a blast to play live. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

CB: Those songs are still super fun to play! On this tour I have been enjoying “Dark Horses”; it’s a really fun drum and bass groove.

Which Lifehouse song are you looking forward to hearing each night on tour?   

CB: We just played together with Lifehouse in our hometown last week and I’ve had “You and Me” stuck in my head ever since. I remember hearing “Hanging by a Moment” on the radio and instantly liking that band.

What can fans expect from the Looking For Summer tour?

CB: All your favorite songs from Switchfoot and Lifehouse, and you don’t want to miss Brynn Elliott kicking off the show! This is going to be an epic night of music—we’ve got some special moments planned.

Switchfoot and Lifehouse play Saturday, July 29 at Rose Music Center, 6800 Executive Blvd. in Huber Heights. Brynn Elliott is also on the bill. Show starts at 7 p.m., doors at 6. Tickets are $20–$53. For tickets or more information, please call 937.610.0288 or visit RoseMusicCenter.com.

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