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Lucha-rockers Team Void live album release at Canal Public House

By Gary Spencer

Photo: Team Void performs on May 24 at Canal Public House; photo: Richard Brown

Some Dayton rock ‘n’ roll fans think Team Void is a five-piece band whose musicians live and breathe here in the Gem City, just like everybody else. However, you could also believe the five entities hiding under those wrestling masks are not mere mortals, but instead inhuman luchadors back from the grave to haunt – and entertain – the citizens of our dear city with their fiery brand of instrumental “lucha rock ‘n’ roll” that will make you say “that’s caliente!”

No matter which truth you buy, one thing’s for certain – Team Void knows how to rock the party. Speaking of parties, the five mysterious beings known as El Muerto (guitar), Infinity (bass), Cruzado (guitar), Johnny X (drums) and Blaster (trumpet/keyboards) will be having a party of their own this Saturday at Canal Public House to celebrate the release of their fourth full-length album, entitled Dead in Person. This new release is the first to exhibit Team Void in its natural habitat – on stage, masks on, amps turned up and performing for a live audience at Jimmie’s Ladder 11 in Dayton in 2013. Recorded live by Jim Malogorski, Dead in Person finds the quintet ripping through songs from their two previous studio albums, Gone with the Werewolves and Robot Killer, as well as a handful of new ditties from their upcoming studio full-length album Mexican Bus. I got to chat recently with Team Void’s fearless leader El Muerto to find out what this mysterious collective is all about.


What is the concept behind Team Void?

We are dead lucha rockers. But the only similarity to us lucha rockers and lucha libre freedom fighters is we both live to celebrate truth in our own style. Each team musician has our own symbol, depicting a human being’s life cycle, if you will. Infinity represents eternal life, Cruzado symbolizes individual faith for the life force inside ourselves, Johnny X is the man on the spot [as in] “X marks the spot” we all find ourselves in time and time again for each life event and El Muerto is death and rebirth. Each of these characters that are in the video that inspired the grouping of Team Void died and unfortunately became cursed luchas. Team Void found each other and then banded together with one common mission: to rock the living. I took it upon myself to convince our group of musicians to wear the masks and cherish our instrumental qualities. We don’t say anything or preach anything or scream at anybody nor sing-song everyone. Our music is instrumental and hypnotizing and a lot of fun. – El Muerto


What is lucha rock ‘n’ roll all about?

Lucha rock ‘n’ roll consists of punk rock, garage rock, mariachi, surf, a little country and hard metal all into one. Everything is in the void and nothing is in the void. We are an instrumental group that cherishes and absorbs what is useful and discards the rest. Behind the masks, it gives us freedom to let go of ego, age, race and even personality. The audience can focus on the music and bring up any image in their head they would like, which is fair referring to everything being in the void and nothing being in the void. So, everyone in our audience has their own experience. – EM


Do you think there will ever come a day when Team Void will add singing to its music?

I have received many offers by many songwriters here that are very flattering about my melodies invoking lyrical content. Some time in the near future everyone might be surprised to hear the vocal stylings of El Muerto in Team Void.
– EM


What does Team Void have planned after the Dead in Person release party?

One of our first visits will be at Stebbins Con 2014. Team Void will make a guest appearance to meet the video artists and will bring our show posters for sale on Saturday, June 7. We are releasing our fourth record, Mexican Bus. It is guitar-based lucha love! This Halloween, Team Void composes and performs live on stage with the actors for the play “Night of the Living Dead – Live.” My friend Geoff Burkman is directing this play; Geoff asked me to compose and perform the musical accompaniment. Team Void has met many bands and in 2015 will be making tour dates to visit these friends. – EM


Any last words?

We’re mysterious and you might not believe what you’re seeing. But once you get over that shock you’ll swing to our positive sound. Team Void has its own philosophy with musical expression and touches everyone’s lucha heart and soul. Team Void is all about having a great time and experiencing a great show. Everything is in the void and nothing is in the void so how can you lose? – EM


Team Void will perform live at their release party for Dead in Person on Saturday, May 24 at Canal Public House, 308 E. First St. Hexers (Columbus) and Tigersex (Las Vegas) are also on the bill. Admission is $5 at the door for 18 and up. Doors open at 9 p.m. For more information, please visit


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