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The Ground Zero Mosque: Think

By Bob Maistros

As I like to say, this one isn’t even hard.

In PR, we used to talk about a “smell test” for questionable actions. I like to apply an equally simple “Dude-what-were-you-thinking?” test to stupid ideas.

Like “Dudes, what were you thinking” when your school system proposed to give condoms to elementary students?

Or “Dude, what were you thinking” when, as governor, you told everyone that you were leaving behind your duties and family to go hiking alone on the Appalachian Trail over Father’s Day weekend (weird enough) when you were actually off tangoing and otherwise frolicking
on the pampas?

Or “Dude, what were you thinking” when you, an all-galaxy sports star, “decided” to rub your gritty, troubled Midwestern hometown’s face in it – and destroy your carefully crafted image – by announcing in a nationally televised TV special that you are abandoning its rabid fans to join your two Olympic amigos to create the all-crass team in glittering Miami Beach?

So now we have one that tops them all: let’s build a 15-story center that includes a mosque some 600 feet from where crazed radical Muslim terrorists, in the name of their religion, having bound and sliced up several flight attendants and commandeered two jets, succeeded in slaughtering some 3,000 people, paralyzing the Capital of the World, gutting its skyline, and bringing an entire nation to its knees.

Dudes, what are you thinking?

I’ve heard all the arguments for the Ground Zero Mosque: We need to show we’re bigger than that. It’s about freedom of religion for all faiths. The Center will be used to promote reconciliation and healing and outreach and peace on earth among men and women of goodwill. Really nice, enlightened Muslims are behind it. Its opponents are demagogues.
Yada yada yada.

I’ve also heard some of the counter-arguments: It’s a security risk. It’s a trophy for the very radical Islamists behind the World Trade Center attack. It’s an insult to the 9/11 families.

Look. We don’t even need to go there.

Building a mosque at Ground Zero isn’t necessarily evil. It’s just, on its face, incredibly, colossally, Guinness-Book-of-World-Records dumb.

Approximately 633 million square feet of space are to be found in Manhattan. Certainly, unquestionably, without the slightest shadow of a doubt, a few thousand of them can be freed up for a mosque at a less
in-your-face-America location.

Somewhere other than at the very spot where – thanks to Islamic terrorists – searing, tortuous, unbearable, jet fuel-powered heat forced hopeless men and women to leap 90-plus stories and end up as ugly, red spots on the sidewalks below.

Where, because of misguided young men who were taught that virgins would be their eternal reward, two towering symbols of American power and commerce were ground into horrifying piles of twisted steel and toxic rubble.

Where the acts of the same heinous murderers – encouraged, turned, trained and financed by purveyors of hate who remain on the loose – plunged America into a war that continues to cost us deeply in terms of treasure, national unity and most importantly, the precious lives of thousands of our bravest servicemen and women.

Dudes, what are you thinking?

Being against the Ground Zero Mosque isn’t about Islamophobia or demagoguery. It isn’t about inordinate fear of terrorism. It isn’t about being against healing and brotherhood and world peace. (PS: I write this counting kind, generous, loving and faithful Muslims among the very best friends of mine and especially my family.)

No. Opposition to the mosque is about our leaders and elites using their mostly empty heads for something other than storage space for silly and hopelessly politically correct notions.

It’s about simple common sense.

It’s about thinking. Dudes.

Bob Maistros is a columnist for North Star National. Reprinted with permission from North Star National.

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