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Resisting TSA Perverts a Test of American Character

By Mark Luedtke

Mark Luedke

Imagine if armed thugs forced you to strip naked while they took pictures. Worse, imagine they did the same thing to your spouse and children, and you were helpless to stop them. Imagine if they lewdly molested your children while they forced you to watch. Imagine if they chuckled while they told you it was for your own good and offered a choice between the nude pictures and the grope. Does having that choice make you free?

You don’t have to imagine. All you have to do is take a flight out of Cincinnati, Columbus or many other U.S. airports.

At least if the assailants weren’t employed by the government, there’s a chance these perverts would be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned as sex offenders. But because these sexual predators wear government uniforms, they are legally molesting adults, children and the elderly constantly at dozens of airport security checkpoints.

Because government is funded by theft and wields a monopoly on violence, it already attracts the most power-hungry and depraved individuals to government jobs. Now that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) molests Americans as a matter of policy, TSA is also attracting the most perverted individuals in the country. Joining the TSA enables every freak that ever dreamed of molesting a child, or anybody else, to do so with impunity and to HYPERLINK “”get your drivers license info for future stalking. And anybody who would be surprised to find that pretty, young women seem to be singled out for “secondary screening” more frequently than others is hopelessly naive.

TSA told us to trust them. They told us the nude-scanners took blurry pictures and couldn’t store images. Both were quickly exposed as lies. Then they told us not to worry, the angels in the government would never store the pictures and pass them around. That’s also a lie. You can bet TSA perverts are sharing nude pictures and notching their tasers after every grope. Nude pictures of you or your child will be available on the internet soon. TSA tells us this is for our safety. The Israelis, who know a thing or two about thwarting terrorists know better. The same government that gave us the Tuskegee experiment tells us the nude-scanners are safe. Doctors disagree.

The horror stories are piling up fast. One pretty, young woman frequently gets singled out for molestation. When she complained, agents handcuffed her to a chair and tore up her ticket. TSA molested an old woman in wheelchair. The most sickening video I’ve seen is one of a mother holding her petrified three year old daughter while a TSA agent molests her and her father videos it. Government-worship has so thoroughly corrupted many Americans that parents now betray their children by assisting government molesters. Anybody predicting this ten years ago would have been dismissed as paranoid. Now it’s normal.

I can’t help but see a parallel to the humiliating, dehumanizing tactics of the TSA to the way the Nazis stripped and dehumanized Jews before they exterminated them. Granted our government isn’t exterminating us, yet, but the Nazis did not appear out of the blue. As author Friedrich von Hayek explained in The Road to Serfdom, the rise of the Nazis was a consequence of the collapse of the socialist society before them. The rise of the strongman is the last stop on the road to serfdom. The Weimar Republic put in place the tools the Nazis used to enslave the Germans and subsequently exterminate the Jews. Those tools included creation of the total welfare state, government control of health care, and a money-printing system that destroyed the German currency, collapsing the economy and government. The parallels to modern America are terrifying including how Germans thought they were free just as Americans do.

Those who say it can’t happen here are delusional. It is happening here with frightening speed, and it will get worse until we stop it or it’s too late to stop.

Stopping our rampaging government is the ultimate test of American character. The government wants to use TSA tactics on the streets, in businesses and at sporting events. Mobile scanners are already in operation. Over the last decade, the government built the legal and physical infrastructure it needs for the final transformation of the U.S. into Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Cameras watch from every street corner, President Obama claims the power to murder any American by presidential fiat, and Ben Bernanke is destroying the dollar and dragging us deeper into the Greatest Depression. Government courts uphold oppression. If Americans don’t reject government oppression fast, the strongman will soon rise here if he hasn’t already.

Because its abuses are so gratuitous, the TSA has become the focus of resistance. Pilots and flight attendants unions and the press are complaining, but they only want a narrow exemption for the rich, powerful and politically connected like themselves. Because businesses must satisfy customers, unlike government, many resistance sites advocate writing travel companies and boycotting airline travel. Travel companies are feeling the heat. But in order for our country to survive, Americans must overcome all government oppression. Refuse to submit, force TSA to retreat and then let’s build on that victory.

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney.  He can be reached at

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