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Losers, losers and more losers

By Mark Luedtke

Biggest Loser: Barack Obama

Mark Luedtke

It’s hard to imagine a bigger loser this year than President Obama. He came into office promoting a message of hope and change, but anybody who took the time to investigate his record knew the change he intended was destructive, not hopeful. Unfortunately, few took the time to discover that Obama was a lifelong disciple of Marxists such as Saul Alinsky.

Obama has done an excellent job following Alinsky’s plan to implement Marxism in the US. Obama talks about creating jobs, but every policy he pushes makes it harder to do business in the U.S., which bankrupts companies and forces others to cut workers.

Also, Obama’s organization to spark a Marxist revolution, the Occupy camps, quickly degenerated into cesspools of disease and violence. Despite glowing coverage by Obama’s allies in the press, mainstream Americans quickly became disgusted with the Occupy camps. This forced Obama to shut them down en masse.

Obama also underestimated the resiliency of the American people working together to solve each others’ problems in the marketplace. Despite increasing the burden of government via unprecedented increases in spending and new regulations, American entrepreneurs have prevented Obama from driving unemployment much over nine percent. And the American people have responded by giving Obama an equally unprecedented low approval rating.

But all is not lost for Obama supporters. While there are only a handful of Americans so bad they might not trounce Obama in 2012, all of those people are running for the Republican nomination. Obama’s 2012 political strategy of class warfare is designed to further divide an already bitterly divided country and drag his opponent down with him. If one of the pygmies in the Republican field wins the nomination, Obama’s strategy could work.

Loser: Paul Ryan
Congressman Paul Ryan is a typical Republican. He voted for every big government Republican program during the Bush years from Medicare Part D to No Child Left Behind to welfare for corporate farmers to TARP. Yet the Republican establishment promoted Ryan as a budget cutter. Only in Washington. Ryan proposed monstrous budget increases that only imperceptibly slowed the growth of government compared to Obama’s even more monstrous budget increases. Republicans hailed Ryan as a budget-cutting messiah. Democrats attacked him like the anti-Christ. Americans grabbed pitchforks and torches. The phony religious pandering on both sides makes me want to puke, but fortunately the phony budget cutter is virtually invisible because the American people saw through the charade.

Loser: Michele Bachmann
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann barely won the much-ballyhooed Ames straw poll over Texas Congressman Ron Paul this summer in her home state of Iowa. Since then pretty much every person on her staff has quit, claiming she’s impossible to work with. Now she’s at the bottom of the heap in the race for the Republican nomination.

Loser: Rick Perry
Texas Governor Rick Perry was the next flavor of the week to lead the pack, but after revelations that he used to be a Democrat, supported Al Gore and tried to force Gardasil on teenage girls, he quickly fell to the bottom of the pack.

Loser: Herman Cain
Herman Cain launched his campaign as a political outsider despite years as a Federal Reserve Bank governor and head of the National Restaurant Association lobbying group. After Perry fell, Cain vaulted to the top only to suffer Clarence Thomas-like smears. Democrats and their media allies will do anything to stop a black Republican from gaining power because that could break their stranglehold on black voters. After a woman claimed a 13-year affair with Cain, he dropped out of the race. Like all politicians caught in a honey trap, Cain pretended his family came first.

Winner: Newt Gingrich
Americans gave former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich up for dead years ago, but like a silver-tongued zombie, Gingrich entered the presidential race anyway. Now, despite earning $100 million in the parasitic political economy since he left office — crony capitalism without the capitalism — and supporting the global warming fraud, the health insurance mandate, welfare, FDR, WWIII, Obama’s partner in crime SEIU chief Andy Stern and too many other leftist policies and leaders to recount here including sponsoring over 400 bills with Nancy Pelosi, he leads the polls for the Republican nomination.

Winner: Ron Paul
Libertarian champion Lew Rockwell called the Republican race “Ron Paul versus the pygmies.” Fox News commentator Juan Williams claimed this is the year of Ron Paul because the Republican presidential candidates are paying lip service to issues Paul has been championing his entire career such as auditing the Federal Reserve, cutting government spending and ending foreign wars. Only Paul predicted our current economic crisis. Only Paul champions cutting $1 trillion from the federal budget in one year: a good start. But more importantly, like the proverbial tortoise, Paul has steadily gained mainstream support in the Republican race. He has the best organization in Iowa and polls near the top. Paul may be about to shock the Republican establishment and the country. No offense meant to actual Pygmies.

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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