Debate Right, 9/11

We live in bizarro world

By Mark Luedtke

The extent to which many Americans are disconnected from reality is demoralizing. For example, a judge recently ordered prison officials to use money stolen from Massachusetts taxpayers to pay for a sex change operation on an imprisoned murderer. The murderer claimed the surgery was a medical necessity, and the judge determined it was the “only adequate treatment.” You can’t make this stuff up. The judge must wonder how people managed throughout all of human history without elective transgender surgery.

In a sane society, every judge would laugh this case out of court because it’s baseless on its face and everybody would laugh with them. But in our society, judges not only hear the case, one decides in favor and seemingly rational people support the decision. This is another bizarre action that proves we don’t live in a sane society.

The judge agreed with the murderer’s argument that “Everybody has the right to have their healthcare needs met, whether they are in prison or out on the streets.” I’ll refute this morally bankrupt argument again. Health care must be provided by another. Nobody has a right to force others to provide anything for them. At best, that’s stealing. At worst, it’s slavery. Nobody has a right to steal from or enslave another, whether it’s for food, water, shelter, health care or anything else.

You might think this judge, because he sided with this leftist argument, was appointed by a Democrat. No. He was appointed by Reagan. This is another reminder that there’s no substantive difference between the two parties.

But this decision begs the question of how our society turned into Bizarro World.

The American people used to understand that taxes were theft and they resisted them. Tax resistance was a motivating factor in the Revolutionary War, the Whiskey Rebellion and the Civil War. Americans revolted against taxes as recently as the Great Depression. But today, Americans meekly accept confiscatory taxes that punish productivity, investment and saving while the two parties debate over minor differences in rates.

President Obama’s government has stolen more money from the American people in four years than any thief in history, yet Obama is considered a great man. Before him, President Bush’s government did the same, yet Bush is considered a great man. The same is true of every president. Worse than Mafiosi, politicians steal our money to enrich themselves and their cronies, yet we call them leaders instead of arch-criminals.

The American people used to fear government because they understood it’s a coercive institution and the power of coercion is always corrupting. The majority worked to keep government as powerless as possible. But in Bizarro World, we call upon the most corrupt institution ever invented to solve every perceived problem.

In the past, Americans resisted central banks because they knew central banks are legalized counterfeiting scams. Yet over the last century, Americans meekly allowed the Federal Reserve to steal 95 percent of the dollar’s value, stealing our savings, most of that after Nixon abolished the last vestige of the gold standard. The Fed and its banking cartel create Federal Reserve notes from debt to enrich politicians, bankers and their cronies. The more notes in circulation, the deeper in debt we are. The biggest debt bomb in history is about to explode, but few notice because the Fed creates the illusion that money really does grow on trees.

The nineteenth century was the most productive in history, but then Americans put progressives in charge of both parties. After a century of being brainwashed in government prison schools and bombarded by government-controlled media and phony experts, Americans don’t see things as they really are. For example, like Democrats, Republicans support policies Marx declared were precursors for implementing communism, but conservatives vote for them anyway then complain about big government. It’s nuts. The government we empowered turned American values and morals upside-down, turning graft and squandering wealth into virtues and production, voluntary exchange and thrift into vices. We created Bizarro World.

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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