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Brewvet bikes back to Dayton

Grab a beer on your bike ride; photo: Tom Morgan

By Tom Morgan

In case you hadn’t noticed, summertime is all up in our business. Many of you, wandering lost in the waning afterglow of your Fourth of July celebrations, are looking for guidance and direction to help you squeeze the last drop of glory from your all-too-quickly disappearing summer. Well, my friends, look no further. I am here to offer the hope and inspiration you crave: the Dayton Brewvet.

What is the Dayton Brewvet, you may ask? Please, let me tell you! The idea behind Dayton Brewvet is really quite simple. Bikes are fun. And beer is fun. So putting the two together must equal crazy-mad fun. After all, math is cold and logical, so it can’t lie to us. My inspiration for the Dayton Brewvet is John Roche, who pioneered the concept of the Brewvet on in 2013-2014. I ruthlessly stole, or graciously borrowed, his idea once before, and it only seems appropriate to roll it out again.

The principles for the Brewvet are drawn from “randonneuring,” a long-distance, non-competitive endurance cycling event; the Randonneur USA website notes that “friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring.” As Roche explains, “Since a randonneuring event is called a brevet (pronounced brah-VAY), it only made sense to call our take on this concept the Brewvet (broo-VAY).” While we’re leaving behind the long-distance part of randonneuring—well, unless you want to get crazy—combining cycling and local craft beer seems the perfect way to close out summer.

Too many words, you say. Get to the biking and beer drinking part, already. Especially the latter. The Dayton Brewvet will run from Aug. 1–31, so there will be plenty of time to get out and explore Dayton by bike. The five rides—and they can be completed in any order you would like—are below:

1. Local Brew: During your ride, stop at a local bar or brewery and enjoy a beer.

2. Co-op Brew: Ride to the Fifth Street Brewpub Co-op and enjoy a craft beer. Sorry to be self-serving, but I’m a co-op member, and you should be, too.

3. Patio/Outdoor Beer: Ride to a local bar with a patio or to a downtown or outdoor event, and enjoy a craft beer outdoors.

4. Can Beer: Canned craft beer is all the rage, in part because it is easy to pack in and out. Find yourself a bike ride that incorporates beer in a can. Remember, though: you’re adults. Don’t get either of us in trouble.

5. Bike Path Brew: Plan a longer ride to explore some of Dayton’s bike paths and use this as an excuse to visit one of the breweries close to the bike path: Yellow Springs Brewery in Yellow Springs (via the Creekside Trail and the Little Miami Trail), Star City Brewing Company or Lucky Star Brewery in Miamisburg (via the Great Miami River Recreational Trail), or, for the truly brave of heart, FigLeaf Brewing Company in Middletown. If you’re willing to ride to Middletown, I’m pretty sure you can figure out a route on your own.

Your five rides should ideally combine for a total distance of at least 40 miles. Also, like brevet rides, you must provide documentation of each of your rides. More on the documentation part in a minute. First, some basic ground rules. Apparently, randonneuring is rule-crazy. While I’m less fussy, I’m still going to implement some basic guidelines:

1. One ride per day. Any ride in which you drink more than one beer still only counts as one ride. Be responsible and make adult decisions.

2. Different location for each ride. No doubling up.

3. Each ride should have a different beer, with preference toward craft beer. Local beer is even better.

4. The five rides need to be completed between Aug. 1–31.

5. While there is no minimum distance for each ride, aim to cover at least 40 miles over the course of your five rides. The Bike Path Brew ride is intended to help out with this. Yes, long rides are hard. But also fun.

6. Keep track of information for each ride. Please document the following:

Destination: From where to where did
you ride?

Beer: What did you drink?

Miles: How long was the round trip?

Date: When did you do it?

Ride Completed: Which of the five rides was this?

Why documentation? Without it, this column merely tells you to ride bikes and drink beer. While I can live with that, I also appreciate the public spectacle and social media amusement that can come from events such as these. So take plenty of pictures along the way and use the #DaytonBrewvet hashtag when posting them online. If you use Instagram, tag me @WhatWereDrinking. Strava, an online bicycling and running app for phones, is helpful for mapping rides and keeping track of miles.

Once you’ve completed your five rides, submit your Dayton Brewvet control card to by Sept. 10. A few final notes: Arranging group rides is encouraged. I’ll post a couple of my destinations a few days prior to riding on the City Paper Facebook page if you’re looking for an excuse to be social. And as an added incentive—although, to be honest, isn’t the allure of beer and bike riding already more than enough of an incentive?—I’ll try to mention everyone who completes the Dayton Brewvet in the follow-up article, editor-approval pending. So get out and start riding with beer as your destination.

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