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Blind Bob’s Host Dual Cassette Tape Release Show

By Keith Bange

Ships In Masses

Dayton music. What’s the latest to crest on this evolutional wave? What vast new ideas are hiding out there on the fringe?  In a town surging with original music, and legions of talented musicians, it takes new ideas, constant reinvention, and a work ethic that drives weaker souls into the dirt. On Friday, October 29, Blind Bob’s will serve up a showcase of said talent featuring Rad Company, Break Yourself, Shut Up, and Ships In Masses. This lineup is a perfect blend of homemade innovation, multi-faceted talent, and a love for a certain brand of music that is currently driving the punk scene in Dayton right to the center of a very strong storm.

Rad Company, Break Yourself, and Shut Up, all native to Dayton, and Ships in Masses of Columbus will be playing a dual cassette tape release show. Each of the four bands has a side on one of the two tapes. Rad Company and Ships in Masses share a tape called Understanding Electricity. Break Yourself and Shut Up are releasing a live tape recorded at a prior performance. The idea? Different and honest. And that’s just what it takes for bands these days to make names for themselves. In an interview, guitarist Josher Lumpkin of Rad Company said, “I dig the whole DIY aesthetic of people releasing tapes right now. If done correctly, it’s like a piece of art that plays music as well.” The use of custom cassette tapes as a musical and artistic promotional medium is a very efficient, earnest way of trying to reach out to a new crowd. It creatively exposes themselves to the Dayton music scene as the hard working, grassroots musicians that they are.

The few punk bands that are still trying to hack it out in town are swinging with an aged, but still very sharp axe. The ever-evolving Dayton punk scene has been fine tuning itself since its inception. The musicians involved have been active in the Dayton music scene for years, often showcasing their multi-faceted talents in several bands at once.  It is not a rarity to find one member playing guitar for one band, then turning around and playing drums for another.  “I (currently) play drums in Shut Up,” said Randy Buhr, proprietor of Team Human Records. “I played drums in The Adversaries for eight years, which has now turned into Shut Up.  I also played drums in Rad Company for a year. Also, I play drums in Sok! which has Nick Hamby from Shut Up on guitar.” “There are only a few punk bands and we are in all of them,” stated guitarist Paul Brandenberg of Break Yourself, “I’m just glad that we are getting some exposure for our group of friends because we work hard.  I just want to play music that I care about with people that I care about. There’s an emerging DIY Dayton signature sound when it comes to Dayton punk.  It’s honest, heavy, thrashy, melodic, poppy.  We are writing songs about what we truly care about. You can feel the desperation. There is definitely a Dayton sound when it comes to punk and this where it’s at.”

“There isn’t a musician in any of these bands that hasn’t been playing shows for close to 10 years,” added Buhr of the acts in this show native to Dayton. The close-knit yet sometimes volatile relationship of the musicians and bands in the Dayton punk scene seems to be coming to an even plateau as of late. There is constant interaction and a growing dynamic of the musicians involved over time. This special equation will certainly be present this Friday to deliver an energy that will be sure to satisfy. The addition of close friends Ships in Masses will particularly give this show a taste of what they’re cooking up in the Columbus punk scene as well.

The people involved with the event are all very enthused about the way that it has come together. “With any luck, this show will expose the audience to a new band, and at the same time expose the bands to a different kind of audience,” said show organizer Josh Goldman. As the proprietor of Gold Record Cassettes, Goldman hopes to use the show as a platform to promote not only the bands involved in the show, but also bring new listeners to their music with the latest releases from Gold Record Cassettes, also produced under Team Human Records.  The musicians and promoters associated with the event have put a great deal of thought into how to properly organize and execute the cassette release, and it seems the work has paid off. Not only have they organized a great show with a great lineup, they have conceptualized a way for every person who comes through the door to take home the music that they hear dirt cheap, making this show well worth checking out.

Rad Company, Break Yourself, Shut Up, and Ships In Masses will perform Friday, October 29 at Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St. Music begins at 9 p.m. Cover charge is $5. For additional information, call (937) 938-6405 or visit online at BlindBobs.com

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