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Anchored Brings Dirty Southern Rock to McGuffy’s


Straight from the saloons of the Lone Star State, Texas rockers Anchored will bring their unique mix of southern rock, pop and metal to Dayton next week as the opening act for Saliva at McGuffy’s House of Rock.

Fans of Seether, Nickelback and Shinedown will appreciate Anchored’s grungy, hook-heavy metal as well as their Texas-sized live show, which often includes some tailgating and a little authentic barbecue afterwards. “We like to do kind of a tailgate party,” Anchored front man Brandan Narrell explained last week, “like a Southern barbecue in every town that wants it. We want to meet all of the fans, so it’s kind of like a meet and greet. It’s by popular demand. People hit us up on our MySpace page or Facebook, and if we have enough people that want us to barbecue we will.”

Originating in Dallas, Anchored was formed in early 2009 and includes Narrell on vocals, guitarist B.G. Simpson, guitarist Joel Estes, drummer Matty Clark and bassist Josh Franklin. “Everybody’s been in regional bands,” Narrell said, “and they’ve all been on tours. So we just got together and tried to form like a mini super-group of regional guys. B.G. was in a band called Waking Season that was signed to Sony/Columbia, and our drummer was in a band called Bidwell that toured around the nation. Joel was in a band called Venture that was like a Dallas band, and our bass player Josh was in a band called Faktion.”

Narrell used to front the successful Texas metal band Advent, and rumor has it he was also asked to audition for both Drowning Pool and ex-Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul’s group Damageplan.

“Yes, the rumors are true about Drowning Pool and Damageplan,” Narrell admitted. “To make a long story short, Vinnie (Paul) and I have been friends for a long time and they called me out to audition for Damageplan. I was the first guy; I went and stayed at Dime’s house and we messed around with some songs that ended up on their album. I didn’t write them, but they were songs that we messed around with. Then Vinnie called Drowning Pool and had me go up and audition for them. The only reason it didn’t work out was they said I looked too much like Dave (Williams). It was freaking them out, because he had just passed.”

Narrell went on to form Anchored, combining the metal edge of those bands with other influences ranging from Stone Temple Pilots to Nickelback and Staind. “I’m a huge fan of Seether,” he said, “and the census among us is we all love Shinedown. We also like Sick Puppies, the Deftones…there’s too many to name. Almost every band out there that’s in the rock genre, we’re into.”

Anchored’s sound is a unique mix of metal, pop and alternative rock. “We call it dirty Southern pop rock,” Narrell said. “I wouldn’t call it mellow, but it’s stuff that you can kick back on the lake and drink a beer to.”

The band started a national tour opening for Saliva earlier this month, and is currently awaiting the release of their debut album Listen to This!, which Narrell said should be available on iTunes in about three weeks. The album will hit stores this summer, and a video for the group’s first single “Dirty in Texas (D.I.T.)” is already attracting attention online.

“It’s all about Texas,” Narrell said of the video. “Everything was shot in Dallas, Denton or Fort Worth. Basically, it was just about trying to get Texas all on one big stage. We showed the back roads of Texas, and we showed the football field. We showed the barns, and we showed the tailgate parties.”

A second video is already in the works, although Narrell said he isn’t completely sure about the details yet. “We might be doing the next video at the Playboy Mansion,” he explained, “but we still have to go out and do a meet and greet. If it’s not there, we’ll probably do it in Vegas.”

In the future, Narrell said Anchored will stay on the road in support of Listen to This! for at least another year, and will start writing songs for a second album soon. “Our future plans are just lots of concerts and more videos,” he said. “That’s basically it until we go and write the next album.”

“We’re just going to be touring, touring, touring,” he added. “At the shows, I want everybody to know, don’t be afraid to come up to us and say what’s up. We hang out with everybody, sometimes too long, and the tour manager makes us get on the bus. But we’re just looking forward to meeting everyone all around the country, and we appreciate people just taking the time to listen to us.”

Anchored will perform Thursday, April 22 as an opening act for Saliva at McGuffy’s House of Rock, 5418 Burkhardt Rd. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are $18 in advance or $20 day of show. More information can be found online at or

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