Earnie Shavers Power pt. 4

J ust for closure, here is some crap that, particularly given what I’ve just written, I don’t think I can even begin to address. However, I will try simply because it will show two things:

1. How right I am
2. How idiot here does nothing but exactly prove my points over, and over, and over…
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Earnie Shavers’ hard hits were mainly dangerous in the first rounds

Additionally Shavers was not dangerous in later rounds (unlike the Klitschkos who are dangerous from the first minute to the last):

How many fights did Shavers have that went 7+ rounds? 17 (seventeen).

How many of these 17 fights did he manage to win by KO? 3 (three). That’s really bad. It hints at stamina problems or accuracy problems.

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– Yes, that’s exactly right. Shavers’ power is particularly noteworthy due to his general lack of everything else.

 Oh, and that stuff about Klitschko being dangerous from the first to the last round? What did I say about    accumulation. If you want to make that a criteria, then Ali and Frazier were far more destructive than both of these assholes combined.


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Earnie Shavers’ KO streaks (consecutive KOs)

Part of the Earnie Shavers Mythology is his streak: He KO’ed 28 opponents in a row.

Again, if you analyze these opponents they are all bums[?] (like Willie Johnson 19-30) or had been massively KO’ed before (like Bill Hardney 13 times) or had come off a loss (or had a loss within last months) (like Pat Duncan).

Once you analyze how many non-bums[?] he could KO in a row his figures shrink dramatically.

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– Please note the words “artist” and “bum”. Then, go take a look at Klitschko’s first, oh, I don’t know, all of his opponents and have that conversation. Plus, Shavers is KO-ing people into his 40’s…


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Earnie Shavers vs Wladimir Klitschko

  • Considering Earnie Shavers 47% KO’ratio (compared to Klitschkos’ 80%+ KO’ratio) they are at least 4 punching leagues above Shavers.
  • Additionally Earnie Shavers never won a world championship thus Klitschkos’ KOs are far more worth.
  • Additionally Earnie Shavers’ average KO’win is a median 200 lbs. Wladimir Klitschko’s is 233 lbs.
  • Additionally Earnie Shavers had 56 real[?] heavyweight fights (= less than Wladimir Klitschko) of which 18(!) did not end as a KO’win (compared to Klitschko’s 8).
  • Additionally Earnie Shavers fought dirty. Just watch the Shavers vs Joe Bugner fight: low blows, headbutts, head holding and then uppercutting. That would be far less possible nowadays, since heavies are taller and referees are fairer.
  • Additionally Earnie Shavers was KO’ed 7 times. In other words: A hard punch (from modern heavies) would throw him back and thus his own attack would be slowed down thus his KO’ratio in modern times would even be lower.
  • Additionally Earnie Shavers (average weight 208 lbs) would be the BOTTOM-2 lightest opponent Wladimir Klitschko has ever faced, thus Shavers would probably not box as a heavyweight anyway but as a cruiser.

In other words: The power/dangerousness of Earnie Shavers and of a Klitschko is not even close.

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– KO rate.  I’ll make this extraordinarily simple. When we’re talking about power, TKO’s don’t count. Therefore, Shavers has 55/89 = 62%  Klitschko has 20/67 = 30% Next topic, idiot. 

– World Championships have absolutely nothing to do with power. Nothing. See “quality of division” Idiot…

– Weight to KO: please see my first point, idiot.

– Number of heavyweight fights. UR an Idiot. I don’t even know what the f- you’re talking about. If fighting guys like Joe Frazier and Jerry Quarry don’t count as heavyweight fights, well, I’ll leave it up to the reader.

– Fighting dirty. Actually, Bugner was the dirty fighter. You see, I actually watched not only the Shavers fight, but about 8 other Bugner fights, and they’re all the same. And it’s only one fight, idiot. If you watch Ali vs. Wepner you see Ali flagrantly throwing rabbit punches in front of the ref because he’s trying to call attention to Wepner’s fouls. Listen here: If anyone at all – even a rank amateur – wants to be taken seriously as a scholar of the sport, rule number about 10 is “if your opponent fights dirty, you return the favor.” Idiot.

– KO’d 7 times. This may actually be the dumbest thing of all. For a man to suggest that you can measure a fighter’s punching power by how many times he lost in any capacity is beyond my desire to continue existing. For whatever it’s worth, Shavers was KO’d by guys like Lyle, a young Ron Standard, and Holmes when Shavers was 35 and already over the hill, and, thank you very much, went the distance with Ali and Holmes in the first fight. That alone should send us packing. Klitschko was taken out by Corrie Sanders.  Corrie Sanders…

– Sorry, I was wrong. THIS is now the dumbest thing idiot has said. Cruiserweight is 199 lbs. At 208 lbs. average Shavers is a heavyweight regardless, and he put on the weight as necessary as his career progressed. Klitschko’s actually pretty light for a dude who’s 6’6”.

I think that’s about it for me. I just want to say to all of you, if you want to know s- about boxing, just ask. There are so many stupid people out there that don’t know their wang from their big toe that it’s almost worth committing suicide.



Ben Tomkins is a violinist, teacher, journalist and critically acclaimed composer currently living in Denver, Colorado. He hates stupidity and generally believes that the volume of one’s voice is inversely proportional to one’s knowledge of an issue. Reach Ben Tomkins at BenTomkins@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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