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Japanese Action Comic Punk Band Peelander-Z lands again

By Gary Spencer

Photo: Peelander-Z will appear at RockStar Pro Arena on Nov. 9; photo: Brian Byers

As a music journalist, I find most artists to be relatively straightforward when discussing their music. However, the New York-based, self-proclaimed “Japanese Action Comic Punk” band Peelander-Z has is a glaring exception to this rule—and that’s not the only thing about this band that makes them a bit mystifying.

While musically Peelander-Z writes catchy, raw, bristly and fun old school punk rock songs about tacos, steak and ninja high schools, the band’s concept isn’t nearly as simple. The legend is they are actually space aliens from the Z section of Planet Peelander who came to our planet to eat food and spread their intergalactic brand of fun to us simple human folk. And oh, what fun it is! In addition to the rip-roaring 1977-styled punk tunes, Peelander-Z’s live show consists of an array of colorful costumes (which the band says is in fact their “skin”), audience participation, dance contests, acrobatics, pro-wrestling inspired stunts and “human bowling.” And Peelander-Z might be the only rock band on the planet that can boast of being two-time HCW Hardcore wrestling champions.

The quartet, which consists of Peelander-Yellow (vocals, guitar), Peelander-Purple (bass, vocals), Peelander-Green (drums, vocals) and Peelander-Pink (dancer, vocals and bass), made their Gem City debut last year at Blind Bob’s to a packed house of curious onlookers that soon got in on the band’s shenanigans and left with smiles across their faces. And Peelander-Z really like smiles—they REALLY REALLY like smiles.

As a preview to their upcoming show at RockStar Pro Arena in Dayton this coming Monday, I attempted to interview a very enthusiastic and excitable Peelander-Yellow. I’ve got to say this is one of the most baffling discussions I’ve ever had in my years-long career of interviewing musicians. The interview below has been reported verbatim.

Give me a brief history of the band and how you got to where you are today.

Peelander-Yellow: We come from Planet Peelander to eat your smiles. I don’t know when we come here, we are not human-being, we are Peelander-Z!

What are some highlights or most memorable moments of Peelander-Z’s career so far?

PY: We don’t care our memory, we need to make more happppeeee memory in our future!!!! Let’s make them together!!!!

How/why did you come up with this concept for the band, and how is it reflected in your music, image and live performance?

PY: How about you explain of planet the Earth???? It is complicated and I don’t know it about our planet!!!!! Just have fun with our life!!!

Peelander-Z has earned a reputation for a somewhat unpredictable live show. Why do you feel the need to do all this?  

PY: Because of peoples’ smile, we are hungry always!!! We have to collect and eat smiles!!!

Just music is not enough!!! We want to have more more more happpeeee smiles!!!

I hear the band members are all big wrestling fans. Is that why Peelander-Z’s show in Dayton will take place at RockStar Pro Arena this time around? And how did Peelander-Z become two-time HCW Hardcore wrestling champions? 

PY: RockStar Pro! Ohhh yeahhh!! I need PopStar Pro, too!!!! It is good idea, please bring them to see our show!!! HCW was sooooooo scary!!!!!

Suppose you were speaking to someone who has never heard Peelander-Z’s music before. How might you describe your music to this person?  

PY: We are not musician, we never play music!!!! We just want to play with you!!!! Please come to see our show by your pretty eyes! We’ll change your life!!!! Believe me!!!!!!!


It’s been a few years since Peelander-Z released new music. When might fans expect a new Peelander-Z album, and what do you anticipate it will be like musically and/or conceptually?

PY: We want to make different style album, as Punk, Kids, Space, Metal! What is next!!!

I understand the members of Peelander-Z are from Japan originally. Do you have a following in Japan, and if so how might it compare or contrast to fans and audiences in the U.S.?

PY: We come from P-Planet to Japan to NY!!! You feel different from Japan to US??

It is same human being to me, hahahaha!!!!!

Anything else you’d like to say to our readers about why they might want to come see Peelander-Z at RockStar Pro Arena in Dayton this Monday? 

PY: We’ll do super fun show for you boys, girls, pets, dishes, cakes, hats, sky and stars!!

Don’t think tooo much, just come there and have fun as your favorite Halloweeeeeen!!!!!!!

See you soooooooon!!!!

Peelander-Z will perform Monday, Nov. 9 at RockStar Pro Arena, 1106 E. Third St. in downtown Dayton. Dip Spit, Duderus and Juxtapose are also on the bill. Show is all ages and tickets are $8 in advance. For tickets and more information, please visit

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