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Associate Editor

The Dayton City Paper is the only independent arts, culture, and entertainment themed weekly newspaper distributed free at nearly 600 locations throughout the metro Dayton region reaching an active lifestyle, engaged, and intelligent weekly 50,000+ audience. Don’t know the Dayton City Paper? Check out our back issues here.

As we’re growing, we seek a full-time department partner to work directly with, and guided by, our editor-in-chief.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to (and not necessarily in order):

  • Communicating with organizations, businesses, artists, etc. via phone, email, and in-person
  • Managing deadlines, editorial content, and related photography
  • Copy editing and fact checking
  • Organizing archival data
  • Story research and development / editorial planning (includes actively researching news and current events, especially those pertaining to arts, music, entertainment, culture, and politics)
  • Working closely with our creative team regarding editorial support imagery and layout

Candidate must:

* Be well-versed in the minutiae of the English language, with a sharp eye for grammar, word usage, and writing ability.

* Have a solid foundation in the style and mission of DCP (or be able to learn that foundation quickly).

* Possess knowledge of AP Style.

* Demonstrate proficiency operating a Mac OS computer in addition to comfortably navigating Microsoft Word, Excel, and Mac Mail applications. Ability to navigate Adobe InDesign is a plus.

An employment probation period is necessary to discover whether or not candidate is:

  • a good listener
  • fast learner
  • able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • knowledgeable of the Dayton region


The Dayton City Paper’s core team operates lean and efficiently to produce the region’s second largest print media every week. For us it’s a labor of love because we love what we create. If our kind of product isn’t something toward which you already have affection, this may not be a best fit for you. If you already know the Dayton City Paper and you’re ready to commit yourself to journalism excellence, we hope to hear from you. Once hired, our candidate will especially experience a confident and nurturing team environment during training that will naturally continue throughout the relationship. Thank you for considering this position.


-The Dayton City Paper team


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