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Dayton’s Me Time album release

By Justin Kreitzer

Photo: Andy Smith [left] and Kyle Melton [right] of Me Time; photo: Jordan Frei

Me Time is the new band from the prolific Dayton-based singer-songwriter Andy Smith, who has recently played in the acclaimed bands King Elk and Andrew & the Pretty Punchers. Smith is joined by another scene veteran in guitarist Kyle Melton of Smug Brothers along with the super-tight rhythm section of drummer Elliot Ward and bassist and former Pretty Puncher Josh Wickersham, both of whom also played in the Brooklyn band The Judy Blooms. Together they create a catchy, time-warping brand of indie rock that blends elements of swooning, harmony-rich ’50s rock and sunny ’60s pop with Andy’s golden voice at the helm.

Me Time will be releasing their debut recording, the Me Time Vol.1 EP, via the Gem City’s own Gas Daddy Go! Records, during their release show at Canal Public House on Saturday, May 10. Also on the bill are The New Old-Fashioned and Brat Curse. 

The Dayton City Paper recently interviewed Andy Smith of Me Time to get his thoughts on the formation of the band, his musical influences and more.   

Please tell us about how your new band, Me Time came together?

Well, just like any other band I’ve played in, Me Time kind of just happened. King Elk was taking a break but that didn’t mean I stopped writing songs, so I recorded a couple new little tunes/ideas by myself at home and, though I dug them, felt like they could use a full band treatment. A couple days later I was having some beers with Josh, who played with me in Andrew & the Pretty Punchers, and Elliot, who played with Josh in The Judy Blooms in New York and asked them if they wanted to be the rhythm section for a couple little tunes I had. I think it was the same with Kyle. We started playing random Sunday afternoons at my place. We’d have some beers, play some songs and just relax. It just felt cool. So, we’re a real band now. – Andy Smith 

What makes Me Time different than your previous bands like, King Elk and the Pretty Punchers?

Other than the players, I think I’m getting a better idea of what I want from music. I feel more confident about my songs and my voice. I’m just growing up, I guess. You can hear it- from [the Punchers] to King Elk and now to Me Time. Am I more mature? That sounds dumb. But, yeah, kind of more mature, maybe? Having Josh and Elliot as a backbone is huge, they have played together before, so that’s some sort of rock ‘n’ roll advantage or something. And Kyle’s a pro. As far as King Elk goes, I just didn’t think everybody was on the same page. It’s just how it goes. I love all those boys, madly. Tyler is playing songs with Joshua Brothers (The Turkish Delights) and they are incredible, like nasty good. Leo [DeLuca, of Misra Records] is doing more for Dayton and Dayton music than anybody really knows right now – with Motel Beds and Kelley Deal. He’s the best. Kyle’s still playing with me, as well as being music editor for the DCP and being the sexy lead man in Smug Brothers. Also, the original King Elk drummer, Mike Payne, is a high school English teacher in Springfield. King Elk actually had a badass album’s worth of material ready that we’re still talking about recording in the future … – AS

Who or what has influenced your music over the years and what specifically has influenced the music written for Me Time?  

It’s Dayton sounding. I feel like its honest stuff, but I don’t know really. I mean it could be anything, but I think it’s probably everything. I listen to a shitload of new music. Elliot and Kyle do, too. I can’t stop listening to White Fence and some other Woodsist Records related artists. They make me want to record everything all the time and quick. And then show it to people. Yeah, it’s everything. – AS 

You are set to release your debut EP via Dayton’s own, Gas Daddy Go Records. Can you please tell us about the writing and recording process and why you chose to go with GDG?

It was a quick process. We got together with the intention of being a “project” rather than a band. I think we had five practices and decided to record the EP at Kyle’s place. We had more songs we were working on and things kind of just got rolling. I think, really, we all just wanted to play these for people because we were proud of them, kinda itching to play them loud. As far as going with GDG, [label owners] Kyle’s in the band and Don Thrasher is one of the best dudes in the world. It wasn’t even a thought. – AS

What does the future hold for Me Time? 

I hope to make 2014 and into ’15 the busiest year of recording music I’ve ever been a part of. We’re gonna be recording another EP in a couple weeks and I don’t think we’ll slow down after that. We’re having fun and I feel like people have fun watching us have fun. So we’re gonna keep it up. – AS 

Me Time will perform on Saturday, May 10 at Canal Public House, 308 E. First St. The New Old-Fashioned and Brat Curse are also on the bill. Doors open at 8 p.m. and admission is $5 for attendees ages 18 and older. For more information, please visit facebook.com/pages/Me-Time/1403738259892179.

Reach DCP freelance writer Justin Kreitzer at JustinKreitzer@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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Reach DCP freelance writer Justin Kreitzer at JustinKreitzer@DaytonCityPaper.com.

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