Facts about the 3C Passenger Rail

H ello everyone!! I have spent a lot of time researching and I have 2 goals with this post.

1) I’d like to inform the public.
2) I’d like to hear what the opposition to the 3C Passenger Rail has to say after reading this information.

Please try to read this whole post so you are fully informed. It feels so empowering to be educated 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning – January 28, 2010: Announcement was made that U.S. DOT is awarding $8 billion to states across the country for a national high-speed passenger rail system. “These dollars represent a historic investment in the country’s transportation infrastructure, which will help create jobs and transform travel in America” – Obama

Here are the facts as I understand them:

– $400M of the $8B was awarded to Ohio EXCLUSIVELY for use to build a passenger rail system. This funding is non-transferable to another project, department or taxpayers. Use it or lose it to another state.

– The annual cost to operate/maintain the rail system is estimated at $17M equaling mere 0.005% of ODOT’s budget or $1.50/taxpayer/year.

– Phase I speeds up to 79MPH (averaging 50-60MPH) with development plans for high-speed rail up to 110MPH

-$200M of these funds is set for improvements to Ohio’s historic investment in freight rail, which is currently in need of critical updates to improve our position as a logistics and distribution leader in the nation.

– Rail will reduce congestion on Ohio’s interstate system resulting in a lower cost of long-term maintenance. (Did you know Ohio is ranked the 4th largest highway interstate system???)

Economic Perks of the 3C Rail:

– Estimated 255 new jobs created over the first 2 years

– U.S Dept of Commerce predicts an add’l 8000 jobs from organic growth, and an $18M economic impact on the Dayton Region.

– Revitalization of our Urban Cores and land value increases.

– Growth in Ohio’s Rail Supply-chain industry (currently 225 businesses providing 26,000 jobs) from both the state and national reinvestment in rail.

Expected Ridership:

– According to a state-wide poll, 73% of Ohioans ages 18-34 support passenger rail in Ohio. Young professionals want easy, affordable, green and attractive access to what they want/need to do.

– With more than 220,000 students who are within less than 10 miles from the proposed train stations, they will be a big demographic.

– Business Professionals (many trains now include Wifi)

– Our growing population of seniors who also need safe and affordable transportation options. (Did you know Ohio ranks 7th in the nation for adults age 65+??)

– Amtrak, who is experiencing record breaking ridership (up 10% in Ohio last year), is reporting that the rail will serve 478,000+ passengers in its first year of operation.

Travel durations for Rail vs Driving:

3C Rail Travel times:
– Cincinnati to Downtown Cleveland: 5hr11min
– Cincinnati to Downtown Dayton: 1hr4min
– Downtown Dayton to Riverside: 7min
– Riverside to Springfield: 27 mins
– Downtown Dayton to Columbus: 1hr31min
– Downtown Dayton to Downtown Cleveland: 4hr4min

Drive time per Google Maps w/ NO traffic or stops:
-Cincinnati to Downtown Cleveland: 4hr:21min
-Cincinnati to Downtown Dayton: 1hr
-Downtown Dayton to Riverside 12min
-Riverside to Springfield: 31min
-Downtown Dayton to Columbus: 1hr18min
-Downtown Dayton to Downtown Cleveland: 3hr45min

Travel options upon arrival:
-Taxi Cab
-Zip Cars/ Rental Options
-Shuttle services
-Bicycle Rentals
-Pedestrian paths

If after hearing all this information you still believe that the Passenger Rail is a bad idea… I’d love to chat and better understand your position. I really want to try and understand where the opposition, including governor-elect Kasich, is coming from. Thank you everyone for participating in this forum 🙂

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