Farm Subsidies

W ikipedia lists the top farm subsides for the US:

2004 U.S. Crop Subsidies[20]
Commodity Millions of US$ Share
Feed grains, mostly corn 2,841 35.4%
Upland cotton and ELS cotton 1,420 17.7%
Wheat 1,173 14.6%
Rice 1,130 14.1%
Soybeans and products 610 7.6%
Dairy 295 3.7%
Peanuts 259 3.2%
Sugar 61 0.8%
Minor oilseeds 29 0.4%
Tobacco 18 0.2%
Wool and mohair 12 0.1%
Vegetable oil products 11 0.1%
Honey 3 0.0%
Other crops 160 2.0%
Total 8,022 100%

The reason high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) poisons pretty much every food on the grocery counter is the feed corn subsidy at the top. Feed corn is used to fatten livestock before it’s sold to market. HFCS is the highly purified fattener that’s in every processed food we eat. Is it any wonder Americans are suffering from obesity and diabetes? But the corn lobby pays a tremendous amount of tribute to the aristocrats in Washington, so the aristocrats send them our tax dollars to produce the poison they put in our food supply. In a free country, HFCS wouldn’t exist because it would be expensive to produce and nobody would voluntarily pay the extra health care costs.

Three out of the top four subsides are for grains. The aristocrats steal our money from us at the point of a gun, give our tax dollars to grain farmers, and they use our money to flood the airwaves with commercials about how healthy grain are for us. It’s a lie. Grains are toxic to humans. They increase insulin resistance, leading to diabetes. They cause mineral deficiencies. They puncture our intestinal lining. They’ve been implicated in numerous diseases from asthma to the new digestive diseases nobody ever heard of 20 years ago. And whole grains are worse because they contain more toxins and indigestible material. In a free country, people would eat a lot less grain because it would be more expensive, and they would be a lot healthier because of it.

Government also subsidizes sugar, and we all know how unhealthy sugar is.

Vegetable oils are also unhealthy for us, so government subsidizes them too. Natural fats are healthy, healing fats.

And of course the government steals money from us and gives it to tobacco producers too. Phillip Morris, the giant cigarette company created by the regulations and subsidies from the aristocrats, is laughing all the way to the bank with our tax dollars.

Without government interference, farmers and consumers would reshape our food supply in a cooperative system of voluntary exchange to be much healthier. Of course all subsidies are theft and should be abolished, but they’re part and parcel of the nature of government. Government exists to enrich and empower the aristocrats and their cronies at our expense. Aristocrats are gods to corporations, and corporations are their servants. They can strike them down with the stroke of a pen and raise them from the dead. Think Lehman Brothers and AIG. Anybody who thinks government works in our interest is a fool most likely educated at the point of the government’s gun in government schools.

Mark Luedtke
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  1. A Farmer November 23, 2011 at 6:10 pm #

    So grains are toxic to humans? That’s interesting. Somebody ought to tell all those people in Asia who live on rice. So what foods are safe for us to eat in abundance? Only ones government doesn’t subsidize? Based on what Ive heard, meat and eggs aren’t extremely healthy for us, and those animals eat government-subsidized grains. That only leaves fruit, vegetables and dairy products. But then again, milk is subsidized, so dairy is probably out. Some fruits are loaded with sugar, so that might not be the best. That only leaves us with vegetables.

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