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Fluke’s Contrived Testimony

By David H. Landon

Rush Limbaugh apologized. So get over it!  El Rushbo realized that he missed the mark with his characterization of Georgetown law student and past president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ), Sandra Fluke, when he called her a “slut” during his radio talk show. It came across as a personal attack by Limbaugh against the 30 year-old Fluke, who testified 10 days ago before a contrived Congressional hearing called by Nancy Pelosi. Limbaugh has been the master for the past 20 years of addressing the absurd policies of the left with political satire. This time he went over the line. Being the professional entertainer that he is, when he realized his mistake he apologized. The apology was not for either pointing out the hypocrisy or challenging the veracity of Fluke’s position. Rather, it was for using a vile word that has no place in public discourse, even when used as part of a satirical review.

So Limbaugh has now apologized for his remarks … twice.  It really doesn’t matter. He could apologize 100 times with the ghost of Mother Teresa hovering over him as a character witness to his sincerity, and the left would not be satisfied.  Limbaugh haters could never possibly be satisfied.  This is too good of an opportunity for them to blast Rush Limbaugh, a man who’s beaten them like a drum for the past twenty years.

Some of Limbaugh’s advertisers, in response to the controversy and pressure from the left, have withdrawn their sponsorship of the radio show. Naturally, Congressional Democrats are delighted over the prospect that their long time nemesis is losing advertisers. Some Democrats are encouraging that the radio talk show host be sued.

Despite the current fury, there is no indication that Rush has lost any of his listeners. The show presently has 15 -20 million listeners.  As long as the show maintains that listener base, it doesn’t matter if some advertisers leave Limbaugh for political reasons. Others will want to take their place. The first rule of advertizing is to place your ad where it will be heard. At the present time Rush has the most listened to radio talk show on the planet. In fact, three of the advertisers who left are now asking to return.

The whole incident with Limbaugh calling Ms. Fluke a “slut” was regrettable and has unfortunately obscured what Fluke’s testimony was staged to accomplish. The entire Fluke testimony was contrived by the Congressional Democrats after the President took a beating the week before over his decision to order Catholic institutions to pay for reproductive health services against church doctrine and in violation of the First Amendment.

In an effort to shift the debate topic off of the obvious First Amendment violation, Nancy Pelosi staged a “committee” hearing in front of an entirely partisan House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, and trotted out Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke as the spokeswoman on behalf of the poor victims of this outrage. According to Fluke, there are students at Georgetown who have serious medical problems that birth control pills would address, and who lack the $1000 per year that contraceptives would cost.  Fluke testified that as many as 40% of female law students struggled to meet the cost of reproductive health and many had to forego taking the pill.

There are several problems with Fluke’s revelations to the committee.  First, part of her testimony was simply not true. According to Laura Hardman Crosby, the Director of the University Student Health Insurance Office, if a student had a medical reason for needing a birth control prescription, such as for treating endometriosis, those costs would be covered under the university plan.  Fluke’s sad story about the women unable to get that coverage was simply untrue. Secondly, for women who need the pill solely for the prevention of pregnancy, the costs are no where near the $1000 annually suggested by Fluke. A quick investigation revealed a Target store only 3 miles from the law school that currently sells a month’s supply of birth control pills for only $9 to people who do not have insurance plans covering contraceptives. That would make the total cost for birth control pills for all three years of law school just $324 — hardly the $3000 suggested by Fluke.

No … Fluke should never have been called the vile name suggested by Limbaugh. But instead, she could be called a liar, a Democratic operative with an agenda and an agent provocateur.

Of course no one on the left has ever used such crude language as Rush to describe a conservative woman. Well, maybe there was the one comment by so-called comedian Louis CK: when describing Sarah Palin holding her special needs child Trig, he said “…when she was on stage at the f—ing convention that just came out of her disgusting f—ing c—… her f—ing retard-making c—…”  Then there’s this twitter gem from Louis, “kudos to your dirty hole, you f—ing jackoff c-nt-face jazzy wondergirl. @louisck.  I want to rub my father’s c-ck all over Sarah Palin’s fat t-ts. @louisck.” This was just 11 months ago. I don’t remember any moral outrage from the left over this asshat’s disgusting mouth.

Then there’s misogynist Bill Maher who recently made a joke about Rick Santorum’s wife using a vibrator. That comment by Maher followed earlier comments about Sarah Palin. He described Palin as a “c–t” and a “dumb tw-t.” If you are waiting for outrage by the media over these comments you’ll be waiting a long time.  You see, it’s impossible to be misogynistic towards a conservative woman. Evidently, according to “liberal intelligentsia,” conservative women deserve whatever is said about them.

David H. Landon is the former Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee. He can be reached at

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David H. Landon is the former Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee. He can be reached at

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