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Student Violence is a Reflection of Government Violence

By Mark Luedtke

Imagine if government passed a law requiring dog owners to enroll their dogs in government training centers seven hours a day, five days a week for nine months. Politicians would declare this a public good and raise taxes to pay for it, making every American poorer. They would require every pet owner to put their dog in a kennel truck every morning, then the kennel truck would bring their dog back every night. If the owner refused, armed agents would seize both the dog and the owner.

Some dogs would kill others. Dogs would come home with scars from fighting. Dogs that had been gentle and fun in the past would become sullen and hostile, some attacking their owners. Government agents would euthanize many “to protect society.” Whenever the postman or other government agent came by, dogs would either run in terror or greet them with joy as if the agent owned them. All dogs and their relationships with their owners would be irreparably damaged.

At first it would be obvious that government training centers turned loving dogs anti-social and violent. But after a few generations, bad dog behavior would be the new normal. Pet owners would mistakenly believe dogs naturally became anti-social and violent as they grew up. They would blame the dogs, themselves, society or God. They would mistakenly believe that government training centers provided a service instead of realizing that they were the root cause of most dog problems. Fewer people would own dogs.

So it is with government’s child training centers, which do immeasurable damage to children, families and society. From the dawn of the human species until the 19th century, children were raised and taught by parents and voluntary agents. Children studied with their siblings and neighbors. Think of the school in Little House on the Prairie. That’s natural and healthy. In the 19th century, the American people were the best-educated people in the world. They were the most productive people in the world. Educated in an environment free from government coercion, they resisted the power of government and as a result built the greatest country the world has ever known.

But predators realized that in order to make more willing soldiers and loot more wealth, they needed to control children in their formative years. The younger, the better. To that end, they implemented the Prussian model of compulsory education, which was specifically designed to break apart families and engender loyalty to the state. The consequences have been catastrophic.

Because government forcibly separates children from parents at a young age, isolates them from their siblings and older friends, then locks them into regimented prison-schools, government schools cripple the natural socialization process and breed violence. If anybody but government agents did this, they would be prosecuted for kidnapping. Student violence is a reflection of the systematic violence imposed upon children by their government kidnappers.

The damage of crippled socialization lasts a lifetime. Government schools have been breaking families and spawning violence for generations, powering a cycle of violence from one damaged generation to the next. Most of the violence occurs at home — government violence has spurred domestic violence for so many generations, many mistakenly consider it natural  — and is generally ignored by society. Violence manifests in crime outside the family. Violence frequently occurs at schools in the form of bullying, fighting and sexual assault. And extremely rarely, the violence manifests in a shooting spree at school.

A 17 year old junior at a school outside of Cleveland recently shot several of his fellow students, killing three. The shooter and his broken family were victims of government schools.  It’s a huge story, but it’s just one teardrop in an ocean of violence spawned by government schools. The press blames most of the damage caused by government policies — poverty, crime, terrorism, etc. — on nebulous social issues, and government-educated Americans consistently fall for it. But government school shootings, because they are such spectacular failures of government that point directly to the root cause of most violence in America — imprisoning generations of children in government schools — force the press to rally aggressively to the defense of government. Reporters demonize shooters, their families and school administrators, and flood news outlets with vague theories covering every conceivable idea people might fall for to hide that root cause. And they always call for more government control of our lives in response to government failure.

The only way to protect children from violence at school is to take them out of government schools. Put them in private schools or home-school them. I know government taxes you to pay for schools, so you want to get some value back, and I know the government has ruined our standard of living, but government schools are damaging your children. They crush the natural joy of learning. They will be damaged for life. And if we want to end not only school shootings but most of the violence in society, we should abolish all government schools. How many more people must die before we end this abominable social engineering experiment?

Mark Luedtke is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Cincinnati and currently works for a Dayton attorney. He can be reached at

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