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Re:”Squandering Wealth” by Mark Luedtke; January 26, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 51

Hi Mark,

I read your article in the City Paper.   I have no direct knowledge regarding Dayton’s politics and spending but I do have interest in the proposed Levitt Pavillion.  I am a avid music fan and I have a concern with the Riverscape music venue.   It was built for multiple purposes – to provide rain cover for a variety of events.   It was not built solely for music.  In my opinion the acoustics of the pavilion are close to horrible.  They get some fairly good talent to come there to perform and the poor acoustics spoil the quality of the music.    

In summary, I don’t know enough to confirm or dispute your points on spending, but I was hopeful the Levitt Pavilion would become a reality because you can tell by the design drawings that acoustics have been considered.   I do feel a “real” music pavilion is needed.

Your article compared them as if they would both be of the same quality for music, and I do not feel that is accurate.  

Lorie Burger Via

Jury Doody

Re: “Hang the Jury” by Mark Luedtke; January 22, 2013; Vo1. 10, No.4

Mr. Luedtke – I recently ran across your column on jury duty (“Hang the Jury”) from a few years ago and really appreciated it. You certainly summed up issues with the duty. From recent experience I certainly agreed that potential jurors are victims of judicial kidnapping. Here in Ft. Worth, TX the city hauls in 40-50 people daily for traffic court duty. Cases rarely go to a jury trial, but the city holds the jurors captive until all the traffic offenders settle their cases and pay their fines – only when the money’s been paid (somewhat like ransom) are the jurors released – and no, they don’t get paid for their service, a fact that the city forgets to mention until people are there and can’t leave. On the other hand – as you also pointed out so well – the jury is the defense against the machinations of the court and whatever agenda the judge and prosecutor may have. It does rather stink when it’s your turn to get summoned, but the duty is important. (I’ve never been put on a jury, but if it does happen I might like to check out the effects of jury nullification – supposedly that’s two words that gets you booted from voir dire.) I’ve also checked out your more recent columns and was impressed by them as well. Your most recent one on the Republicans’ refusal to cut spending was particularly good (aren’t they supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility?) Thanks for the good work – keep it up – best wishes.

Ken Wright Via


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