Free Speech 10/20/10

Republican Supremacy and Entitlements

I received a piece of campaign literature paid for by Ohio Republican Party, Kevin DeWine, Chairman, 211 S. Fifth Street, Columbus, OH 43215 concerning Josh Mandell’s November election bid for Ohio State Treasurer. It was on 8-by-11 glossy card stock. On the front, he talks about himself in the most glowing terms, and on the back, he presents his most vicious attacks on Kevin Boyce (his opponent).These attacks are the most vicious, unfair, and status quo Republican method of corrupt operation.

Josh Mandel apparently does not represent anything new, and he is incapable of bringing any new perspectives to the challenges Ohio is facing during these recession recovery times.His attack dog strategy to defeat his opponent Kevin Boyce not only lacks class, but also reflects his lack of integrity.Also, Josh plays the white supremacy race card and the Republican Party Islam xenophobia card in this mailed campaign literature.
He presented Kevin in an unfavorable moment of expression in a photo.

Kevin is an African-American, and this photo showed him having a contemplative moment. This photo had been doctored to look dark and ominous. Beside Kevin’s photo is a photo of a person named Mohammed Noure Alo (a Republican Islam xenophobia fear tactic).Josh even uses the word, Mosque, as a fear tactic in his campaign literature.Islamophobia is a disease Republicans are spreading.
Josh expresses strenuous attacks on Kevin’s character, accusing him of corruption in the execution of his Treasury duties. If these allegations were true—why have we not heard about them before now? Kevin would have been impeached and long out of office if Josh’s lies were true. It is tragic that attack dog character assassinations are so common in American politics.

With Republicans it’s how low can they go limbo politics. Not all Republican are bad, but the core values of their leadership base is savage capitalism—a take no prisoners foundation.This kind of misguided leadership led this nation and many others into financial crises and recessions.Republicans are masterful at increasing productivity in poverty, those without insurance, the unemployed, those without health insurance, and Military Industrial Complex’s profits.The Military Industrial Complex has as its charter wars and conflicts, and death and destruction.

Early this year, I saw and heard Boyce speak at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He was one of the speakers at a conference concerning educating the public regarding personal financial management and mortgage fraud. Mr. Boyce also touched on public education, and expressed his innovative, out of the box leadership style and a long-term solutions’ vision for Ohio’s economy.

He stated, “Financially educating our children begins at home.”He is clearly a leader and man of integrity, poise and impressive intelligence, and is immensely better qualified (with respect to relevant experience and accomplishments) to be Ohio’s State Treasurer than his newcomer challenger Mr. Josh Mandel.
When a Republican candidate finds it necessary to present more attacks on their opponents than the substance of their own qualifications, it is time for us to take pause and realize these candidates are not qualified to serve the public. Josh Mandel clearly had more that was negative to say about his opponent (Kevin Boyce), than he had positive information to share pertaining to his own qualifications.

Mr. Mandel would like us to believe he would be the best, conscientious steward of our Ohio tax dollars. The fact that he spent millions to create and mail out high quality glossy card stock campaign literature (text and graphics front and back) to every home in Ohio contradicts that Josh Mandel would responsibly manage our tax dollars.His idea of a sound and prudent investment is the character assassination of a better-qualified opponent.
True winners don’t need to attack or defame their competition’s character.We don’t need more of the same Republican style trickle-down corruption.This kind of petty, childish, self-serving, cheesy, bias and non-solutions oriented leadership gave us the great recession of 2008.

– Wm. Maxwell Dominion, Columbus

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