A game is a game

Re: “Sports nightmare” by Mark Luedtke; October 31, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 44.

I read your article.  I agree with mostly everything you said.  A huge issue that I have with them is that, while I agree with their right to protest, I am paying for my cable TV to watch football or paying $300 to attend a game… a game, not some idiotic protest.  They steal from me each time they do anything to detract from the game I want to watch.  These people are wealthy.  They can buy TV time, although I believe some networks would gladly give them time, to host their protests on live TV without hijacking an audience who only wants to watch ‘professionals’ play football.  If I wanted to attend a protest I would simply attend a protest and I wouldn’t want a football game to break out in the middle of it to detract from my protest.  You covered the disrespect really well.

As an aside 10 years from now I predict someone will do a ‘whatever happened to’ segment and we will get the chance to see how these men ruined their lives with this ridiculousness.  History is replete with NFL players who went from top to bottom and lost everything.  Some of these guys could actually have been great players, fondly remembered in bars all across the country and now we won’t even remember their names because we don’t care any more.

Thanks for writing the article and I plan to share on Facebook…

– Knighthawke via DaytonCityPaper.com

There’s more

Re: “A ruler falls” by Mark Luedtke; October 24, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 43.

Not offended by Trump and the 12 women who have accused him of sexual assault? I agree with you on Clinton and Weinstein, but why stop there? Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Eric Bolling … nothing but crickets??? It seems like you might be more Republican than Libertarian.

– Evan from DaytonCityPaper.com 

A great Oasis

Re: “Ice-Skating” by Jim Bucher; November 21, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 47.

So Buch I read your piece about Isand park and agree with you 100%. It’s a great oasis in a pretty run down section of town. Five Rivers MP has done wonders to clean it up, get rid of undesirables who used to frequent the bath house, and restore the park to health. What I don’t understand is why the bandshell doesn’t get used? It’s a wonderful location with loads is seating space, a solid performing structure, and plenty of parking around it. It won’t compete with Riverscape but could compliment it. I don’t understand the push to shoe horn an expensive venue into Dave Hall Plaza in a smaller space with little to no parking. Why can’t they just upgrade the Island Park bandshell to get what a better venue at far lower cost? And as a catalyst for boosting new housing around the venue, the area around Island Park needs restoration even more than does the south end of downtown. Got any thoughts on this?

– Mike Goldstein via ContactUs@DaytonCityPaper.com


Re: “Still blowing hard” by Tim Smith; November 14, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 46.

Great article but not about the show. I went to the Friday 11/17/17 performance and was VERY VERY IMPRESSED!

My father was a Trumpet/Cornett player and had his music. I became familiar with Doc at an early age. I always loved Doc Severinsen and his flair with the trumpet. Boy he can still rip out an awesome tune at 90! He obviously takes good care of himself. Do you have any details about his show?

For instance, do you know and would you share his set list?

He really mixed it up with Gershwin Porgy & Beds, Blues, Opera, Jazz, but I cannot remember the names and order of the tunes he performed. What about his health regiment?

I didn’t think the audience truly appreciated the awesome talent displayed on the stage Friday night. INCREDIBLE!

I wish I had tickets for tonight too! What an exceptional talent and entertainer Doc Severinsen is.

– Mark Floro via DaytonCityPaper.com


Re: “Straight from the press box” by Marc Katz; November 7, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 45.

I met Jim Riggleman in 1978 when he was on rehab sent to class A St. Petersburg from AA Arkansas.  Jim went to high school not far from mine in the Maryland suburbs of DC and I (as an assistant general manager) noticed him on the bus to an away game reading and quietly listening to our team.  Jim of course still is in the game today thanks to other lifers such as George Kissell, “Bo” Milliken and maybe even Lee Thomas who is in the Baltimore Orioles top brass.  I’ve been an Orioles fan since 1964 thanks to Brooks Robinson (not a Reds favorite) and Chuck Thompson who encouraged Bird watchers to park in the neighborhood and listeners to keep score in a way they could understand.

Marty’s phrase “If you’re ready now” cues fans to grab their pens.  Bobby Bragan sold baseball with enthusiasm and I’ll never forget him saying in a jobs seminar on a February day in Syracuse, NY, “When you meet a friend in baseball, you’ve made a friend for LIFE!”  I’m still in touch today with the other assistant GM who’s been retired for awhile and living in Mt. Carmel, TN.

– Ron Van via ContactUs@DaytonCityPaper,com


Re: “Not lost, wandering” by Paula Johnson; November 21, 2017; No. 14, Vol. 47.

Thanks Dayton City Paper and Paula for checking out our evolving restaurant and bar! We appreciate the positive feedback on many of the changes and improvements we have diligently been working on!

If you haven›t been in in a while, we encourage you to come check it out for yourself!

– Wandering Griffin via Facebook.com/DaytonCityPaper

Baby driver

Re: “Baby birds gotta drive” by Don Hurst; November 7, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 45.

For once, I actually agree with you, Mr. Hust. My second daughter just started driving with her temps. She’s usually scared of most things so it’s best to get this driving stuff out of the way now. Increasing the ages really just prolongs the inevitable. Do it now and get it out of the way so they are more confident is my opinion.

– Timothy James via ContactUs@DaytonCityPaper.com


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