Free Speech 10/27/10


If ever there was doubt that big money is pouring into Nevada to unseat Harry Reid from the Senate, I got a clincher in the mail today,an elaborate mailingfrom Republican candidate Sharron Angle for an ìemergency donationî to help her get elected.

Why in Heavenís name would a Nevada politician be soliciting money from an Ohio Democrat? Answer: She has so much campaign money she can affordnation wide solicitations.

I always have difficulty understanding why state voters are so quick to unseat a majority leader from their own party, the most powerful politician in the Senate who can do more for his state than the president himself.Like Daschle and Foley before him, Harry Reid may lose in November because his party failed to support him.

Reid may be one of the most sane and civilized men to come out of Nevada, a mild Mormon who got where he is on merit and hard work.His ditzy opponent advocates one of the weirdest programs for America of a long list of ditzy candidates this year.

Democrat or Republican, we will suffer if the likes of Sharron Angle unseats the likes of Harry Reid in November.Do not send money.

– Paul R. Cooper, Yellow Springs


I am writing to ask people to please consider voting for Rob Portman for U.S. Senate. I have been looking for work for 9 months. I recently accepted a short-term, part-time position to help bring in some money for my household while I continue to search for a permanent position.I have met Rob Portman several times and I have heard him talk about his plans to help create jobs. He makes a lot of sense and knows what he is talking about. If you watched the debate, then you also realize that Rob Portman is focused on creating new jobs and getting our economy back on track. He is the most experienced candidate and knows how to get things done in Washington, DC. Rob will stand strong against big government and legislation that will stall the economy and job creation like the cap and trade energy tax. Rob Portman will focus his energy on getting people in Ohio back to work and reducing government spending. Again, please consider voting for Rob Portman because he is dedicated, experienced and will get the job done for us.

– Gerry Cotter, Westerville

He Who Ignores History Is Doomed to Repeat It!

I’m not so old that I can’t remember what has happened to our country over the last 10 years.  When you think about where we’re at today in relation to this time frame you start to realize just how all the job losses the Republicans keep taunting in their campaign ads really do come back on them.  They were in charge and they supported the wars, the exporting of our jobs and set up the big oil companies and Wall Street for their all time record profits at our expense, which bankrupted our economy and caused our jobs to dry up.  I understand why so many people are upset with the way things are today, but we need to be very careful in who we blame and in thinking about putting the same type of people that got us here back into office, regardless of the spin in
their ads.

– Ronald Gable, Dayton

vote strickland

On the upcoming Ohio governor’s race: I understand the strategy of going negative in television advertisements. However, I was very glad Ted Strickland also chose to highlight the things he’s accomplished for Ohio during these last four years, like balancing a difficult budget without raising taxes and slowly growing a job market in decline for over a decade. He will be receiving my vote on November 2, and I’m frankly amazed that a former executive director from Lehman Brothers would even consider running for governor of our state!

Jeff Robertson, Yellow Springs


Sometimes as I am reading the many political cards that have come in the mail or e-mail blasts,  I am aghast at the negative bashing that is going on among both the democratic and republican candidates. If I were “in charge” of what could and could not be sent out, I would say,” Tell us what you are planning on doing specifically to make our America the best in the land.” The privilege of voting is one of the beautiful things about our country.  Please go out and vote, make informed choices and pray for our country.

Sharon Morris, Copley

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