Why though?

Re: “Ladies, and gentleman, and smizmars” by Sarah Sidlow; November 28,2017; Vol. 14, No. 48.
I wonder what benefit there is in having gender on the id at all. Picture, name and DOB should suffice correct? And what is a federal ID besides passport? Soc Sec cards are not valid for ID.
– Bryan Suddith via Twitter.com/

Beer me

Re: “Beery Christmas” by Jim Witmer. November 28, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 48.
Nice article in DCP. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
A quick perusal of my fridge revealed 3 on your list of 24.  So I’m off to a good start.
– Brian Wisniewski via

Sexual Harassment

Letter to the editor:
So I don’t know what is going on now a days. A man can’t look, talk to, or touch a female in any way, shape, or form or the female yells sexual harassment! What has happened to this country? To the women? I realize women are mad as hell for being treated like a piece of meat and they aren’t going to take it any more. But where or when is it going to stop? A guy cant walk by a woman now a days as it is sexual harassment. This is why I am very much single. Unless the woman would ask me out, I will remain single. And we know that ain’t going to happen any time soon. As most women wouldn’t think of asking a guy out. Its beneath them. In my experience, you are very, very limited on what you can say or do to any woman in the present of another woman, period, end of subject. Because if you get called out for anything, you will lose your job, your career, your family, friends, everything. All very hard to get back if you ever do lose them. Al for some little innocent mistake, in most cases, and you get black balled for the rest of you life. Shouldn’t the crime fit the punishment? Does this punishment seem to fit this so called crime? Lose everything for something you did in what you thought was an innocent state? And now it could come back and haunt you 10, 15, 20, 30 years after the fact.
I say this is wrong, but I see it from a guys perspective. See I have been there and done that and have been fired or let go from three different companies in my life for zero tolerance unwanted sexual advancement policies. As a lot of surveys have said, most people meet their spouses in the work place. I know the old saying about don’t poop where you eat, but meeting people at work and falling in love happens all the time. I don’t go to bars or clubs. I don’t do the whole Internet dating thing, as I don’t like my picture on the World Wide Web. As once it is out there it is out there for ever, and I have seen women putting guys pictures up on the web and tell the world how he did her wrong and to watch out for the prey. This is why I am picture shy in all situations. Anyways, once I was flirting with a woman in the work place and I thought she felt the same way about me as well. So on the sweetest day, I gave her flowers. This act of kindness made her embarrassed and pissed her off that I would do such a terrible thing to her especially at work and she ran off up to the office and turned me in. I was called in and let go for unwanted sexual advancement because of the companies zero sexual harassment policies. Didn’t learn my lesson there. Next time I will admit it was kind of my fault, I guess. I gave a neck and shoulder rub to a woman I really liked as she said her neck was tight and sore. So helpful Hannah here gave her a massage. Well, you know what happened there with that damn zero sexual harassment policy.
The last time I made sure the woman felt the same about me as I did for her. One day she was looking especially good and so I walked by her and said, “Damn you are looking good today.” This offended a woman that was in hear shot of me and my rude comment. When I was called to the office and found out what happened, what I said and that the complain didn’t even come from the woman I was talking to directly, I decided right then and there, I or any man for that matter, cant or shouldn’t talk, touch, or even look at any woman for any reason in the work place.
I thin this zero tolerance in the work place can go way too far. It’s not like I slapped them on the ass and said, “hey baby!” or gave them a pinch on the ass followed by a wolf whistle. I was raised very old fashioned by my grandfather and great grandfather. Patting a woman’s ass or giving a flirtatious pinch on the ass was a show of affection at one time and not sexual harassment by any means. This is the way it used to be. But now a days, all men better take my advice, more so now than ever before. Hear me loud and clear! Hear my roar! Do not touch, talk, or look at any woman, at any time, for really any reason, if she feels uneasy around a man, it could be and will be considered sexual harassment and you will lose it all, everything!
I know some woman out there is going to say, what if we sexually harassed you? Well it has and yeah, it wasn’t welcomed at all. I wasn’t attracted to the woman at all. But I didn’t trace up to the HR office and bitch and moan about it. I was nice about it. Said I wasn’t interested. But of course that didn’t work. So I had to get mean. I hate being mean and I just feel terrible when I have to get rude and crude. But I think, what a woman would have to say or do to me to get me to stop harassing them. If a woman would call me a geek, nerd, string bean, fat ass, ugly four eyes, or make fun of me in some way. The way I look, the way I dress, the way I talk, whatever. She would be off my list pretty quick! I don’t care how hot I thought she was. So that is what I do and/or say to the woman. Resort to child games or name-calling and making fun of them. But that stopped it and no one lost his or her job, career, or friends over it. Feelings got hurt, yes. But nonetheless, the harassment stopped.
– Tom Warner via U.S. mail


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