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Re: “A wonderland of beer” by David Nilsen; December 12, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 50.
As a Belgian I can only admire the way the author described and applauded our national heritage. Well written! Enjoy your (Belgian) beer.

-Stappers via DaytonCityPaper.com

Re: “Secession” by Mark Luedtke; October 3, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 40.
I have had many discussions with people about this very topic.  They uniformly have given little thought of the many ramifications.
Let’s say Texas secedes, for example:
1)  The interested parties seems to imagine they will gain all the benefits of the USA, without any of the obligations.  No, they will become foreigners in a foreign country, without their Social Security, Medicare or Disability checks.  A rude dose of reality.
2)  Illegal immigration is now THEIR problem, thank you very much.  Our problem is now to envision a big old wall on the Texas-Oklahoma border.
3)  Travel to the USA will be severely restricted.  They will of course need passports.  Oh, and because the rest of us are mad about this ( and because Texans are the worst people on the planet) …probably visas, with severe restrictions and quotas.  Want to come to Ohio to visit the grandkids?… well you are SOL my friend.  Start the application process 12 months in advance, by filing with the US consulate in Austin.
4)  Think you are just going to inherit all the military bases, federal highways and easements, and all other federal infrastructure?  Pure delusions!  Get out your checkbook.  And Uncle Sam not likely to recognize whatever BS currency you decide to print up.  Gonna be bullion.
5)  Better start building coal fired power plants like all get out.  Not sharing our grid with “Furiners”
Thank you for a very thought provoking article!

-Bradley Weber via ContactUs@DaytonCityPaper.com

Biggest fan
Re: “Jingling bells rock” by Tim Walker; November 28, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 48.
Lovely interview! I am so grateful, Bruce [Bassist, REO Speedwagon]that you are still doing this. When I practiced guitar yesterday, I used a pick that you gave me. I have seen you live 5 times in 2017, and I regret that I live too far from Ohio to come to the show there. Some of my friends will be there.

-Susanna Gross via DaytonCityPaper.com

Keep it coming
Re: “Sub-par pub grub” by Paula Johnson; December 12, 2017; Vol. 14, No. 50.
Reading a bad review is so much more fun than reading a good review. Loved it!

-Steven Solomon via DaytonCityPaper.com

Letter to the Editor:
So people come to America from all over the world for the freedom we have, the opportunities we have, to experience the American dream. Some come legally and have visas or the correct papers to come and experience all we have to offer. Others come illegally. Then lets fast forward 10, 15, 20, even 30 years and now they are still here. They have a family, a job, a home, kids, grandkids, and are model citizens. All their dreams came true. But they are lacking one thing a lot of times. Papers, papers saying they are legal citizens. Some went through the proper channels and can stay here with no fear of deportation. But when they don’t do that and are being deported, the water works start. They cry, bawl; get the news media involved because they are being deported. Their lives are here. Their families are here. “Please don’t send us back,” they exclaim. They call their mayor, congressmen, and governor, begging to stay here.
What I don’t get is what the hell were they doing all those years they were living here that they couldn’t get the proper papers to stay here? I know it must take a lot of time to do so. I would guess it isn’t cheap either. But over a 10+ year period? Then tell me how many people do it every day but the few you hear about cant get it done? Then what gets my goat is they want you to feel sorry for them. “I have a child, a grandchild.” “If I get deported I wont get to see them grow up.” “Where will I live?” “Where will I work?” they bawl. I sure don’t feel one bit sorry for them. I say, “Who cares?” Why should I? Because you couldn’t get your papers in order to stay here. They knew damn good and well what had to happen to stay here and they didn’t do it and now feel sorry for them. Bullshit! All the others who have done it have saved their money and took the time to get their papers in order to stay here. It might have taken them 10+ years to do so but they got it done. But do those few feel so special that they don’t have to follow the rules, the law? What they didn’t know? They couldn’t find the time? They couldn’t get the money together? And you want me to feel sorry for you? Sorry! Ain’t going to happen!

-Tom Warner via U.S. Mail


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