Busting Brock Turner

Re: “Debate: Should California elected Judge Persky be recalled because of his sentence to convicted rapist Brock Turner; January 23, 2018; Vol 15: No 4

Every time I see Brock Turner, I throw up a little in my mouth I wish he had gotten the death penalty so I’d know the woman he RAPEED and I would never have to see his rich smug face again Now he wants to say his record should be cleared because the prosecution shouldn’t have said he tried to rape that woman behind a dumpster That makes it sound like he’s ashamed of what he did, and he isn’t If he isn’t ashamed that’s because every thought in his selfish head belongs in a dumpster When the End Times come, God will harvest his goddamned soul from a dumpster The End Times didn’t happen yet so here I am stuck staring at his smarmy RAPIST face again I hope his record is never cleared I hope his sexual crime does ruin his life I hope he goes to jail Actually I hope he doesn’t go to jail I hope the judge whose name I can’t  remember does quit I hope a new judge is put in his place and Bro0ck Turner is tried again because the Constitution will let us Then I hope instead of spoiling his precious record by putting him in jail the new judge decides to have him castrated I would watch that All of America would watch that Justice would take off her blindfold to see fucking Brock Turner castrated. Actually even a person who castrated him would have to touch him and touching Brock Turner would be disgusting Like I said even thinking about him makes me sick to my stomach Everyone is entitled to an opinion because it’s a free country but I don’t see how anyone could have the opinion that Brock Turner is anything other than a dipshit. It’s not the Dayton City Paper’s fault that he’s in the news again but seriously fuck Brock Turner

Better yet don’t fuck Brock Turner No one should fuck Brock Turner ever again for the rest of his ugly life which will be too long T The only thing that could make me feel better about Brock Turner bei8ng alive and in front of my face, I swear to God I want to punch him in the mouth which I think anyone who loves American justice would, would be if he got blue balls (because that’s a real thing, my boyfriend got it from his ex long before me, so I know) and I knew not only that I’d never have to see his conceited face in the newspaper or on TV or anywhere, but his precious dick and he had died of blue balls.

Vanessa Chase via ContactUs@DaytonCityPaper.com

Gettin’ Sketchy

Re: “Characters Welcome”; January 23, 2018; Vol. 15; No. 4

I can’t wait for Dr Sketchy! I don’t think drawing nudes is appropriate, but I’m excited to sketch characters. I cosplay a lot, so I was thinking this is something I could set up to do in my free time with some friends too I might model too My family says there’s no good place to dress like Princess Bubblegum but now I can prove everyone wrong I’ve never tried drawing before actually but I think I’ll be a lot better at it if I’m drawing characters I see on my TV all the time! Plus I can give whatever drawings AI make to my friends as gifts We’re all really obsessed with these kinds of characters.

Nathalie Throttle via ContactUs@DaytonCityPaper.com


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