Free Speech Letters, 1/10/12

Good news at Werk
I love hearing stories like this. You hear so many about the Dead. It’s cool to hear about new bands too. I love the Werks and fell in love with them at the first Werk Out, which was my first festival. I will always have a special connection with this band as they opened my eyes to a side of the world I had yet known to exist. Thank you, Werks!
J.J. Himmelspach
[RE: “A real Werk out” by Nick Schwab, 12/20/11]

Occupy confusion
Hi Mark,
Just wanted to ask a few questions about your article in the Volume 8, Number 52 (December 27, 2011) issue of the Dayton City Paper. “…Obama’s organization to spark a Marxist revolution, the Occupy camps…” Could you please provide some evidence that links President Obama to the formation of the Occupy movement? By identifying the Occupy movement with Marxism, are you implying that a desire to halt the widening gap between rich and poor is somehow un-American? Would it be better, in your opinion, for this trend to continue on unencumbered? Your harsh criticism of the Occupy movement seems utterly at odds with your subsequent attack on “Obama’s 2012 political strategy of class warfare” that, in your words, “is designed to further divide an already bitterly divided country.”  Wait, my understanding was that unprecedented income inequality was to blame for this divide.  The Occupy movement, if you didn’t already know this, is tasked with lessening that divide. Note: I disagree with many of the tactics of the Occupy movement, but the issues they bring to light are unquestionably important. “Despite increasing the burden of government via unprecedented increases in spending and new regulations, American entrepreneurs have prevented Obama from driving unemployment much over nine percent.” I’m sure I’m wrong, of course, but this strikes me as one of the most transparent examples of spin that I have ever witnessed. Please describe the method you used to determine that hovering unemployment rates were exclusively the result of “American entrepreneurs” and had nothing to do with government policies designed to do just that i.e., to “stop the bleeding” in President Obama’s own words. Certainly as a professional journalist and electrical engineer you already know this, but you can’t just attribute the sun rising to whatever happens to strike your fancy that day. Obviously, you have your disagreements with Obama’s policies, but by shoveling everything bad that happens into his backyard and putting everything good that happens into the hands of random recipients, you betray your truly immature biases.“…the global warming fraud…” OK, this is getting out of hand. Did you think you were writing a post in LiveJournal and accidentally emailed it to your editor?  I say that because this heap of unsubstantiated, stream-of-consciousness drivel is perfectly suited to a diary … maybe to a free blogging account, but it is certainly not print-worthy. You are aware that the jury is in on climate change right? You are aware that the agreement of the scientific community (you know, the people who should be consulted before making statements of such magnitude) is virtually unanimous? Perhaps tossing around patently errant information flies on whatever Tea Party newsletters you also write for, but the general public is a little more discerning.  At least attempt to assuage our need for evidence with some questionable study financed by Texaco or the Creation Museum or whatever other big entity with stock in the status quo you are likely to choose. Really, sir, your heart just wasn’t in this one.
P.S. Didn’t indiscriminate de-regulation get us in to this mess in the first place? That’s hardly ancient history.
Branden Fugate
Springfield, Ohio
[RE: Debate Forum Right: “Losers, losers and more losers” by Mark Luedtke, 12/27/11]

The ‘real’ story
Great article! The birthplace of aviation and home of the Wright Brothers should receive a space shuttle at the National Museum of the USAF at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton. No doubt whatsoever. After Obama canceled the Constellation Project, Obama prematurely retired three perfectly good space shuttles without an American replacement vehicle. They were flying better than ever. Now, the United States of America has no way to send American astronauts into space. The United States of America has to pay Russia $63 million per seat to send an American astronaut into space. Fork it over!
Peter M. Callahan
[RE: “NASA to Dayton: Over and Out” by Tim Walker, 12/27/11]


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