Free Speech Letters, 11/22/11

Mortgage mess
It’s little wonder the mortgage problem is becoming worse. Judges and lawyers are just playing the banks’ games, which is to do exactly what they want, which is doing nothing for the home owners. Anyone want to know why the banks aren’t negotiating with the homeowners? They don’t have to. Not when Fannie Mae is bailing them out and footing their bills. Fannie Mae is the guarantor in most mortgages. The bank isn’t risking one penny of their money in giving a mortgage to an otherwise questionable buyer. So as long as the Fannie Mae money is flowing, don’t expect the banks to give one inch to the homeowners, and things will not be getting any better.
L. Cummings
Dayton, Ohio

A shame
This letter is in response to the Penn State sexual abuse scandal. Nothing could be more nauseating than a topic like this.  This scandal absolutely sickens me. There are actually several issues of concern here. First and foremost is the willful and deliberate sexual molestation of children.   Our nation’s youth are already victimized in so many ways (by adults) in this country.  How is it that these warped and perverted “leaders” manipulate their way into positions of power, and once they have such power use it to force a defenseless person to comply with their pedophile desires?  Are there no screens (psychological testing and otherwise) to prevent this from happening?   Secondly, how could such criminal behavior be allowed to go unreported to law enforcement?  And why for so long?   How could college athletics become so corrupt that nothing — absolutely nothing — will threaten the financial racket it has become?   Thirdly, why is it that university officials are not required to connect the financial dots linking the money taken in by college athletics to the benefits received by the students?  Is it because there is no connection?  Finally, it is certainly ironic that former coach Joe Paterno was idolized as “Joe Pa” all these years when he failed the most important duty of any parent; to protect your children.  One has to wonder if Mr. Paterno’s behavior would have been any different had one of those victims been his grandchild.  Perhaps “Molest-Pa” would be a more suitable nickname.  Let us hope that he and his cronies get what they deserve. Let justice be done though the sports program’s fall.
Joe Bialek
Cleveland, OH

Good times, indeed
Greetings Kyle!
My name is Deanna Bryant. I was the general manager of Chins and Elbos when we began booking shows at Elbos. I am currently the general manager at Fricker’s on Woodman Drive, where we carry the Dayton City Paper. When I picked up the copy today and leafed through, I was excited to see the article about Dayton bands and clubs. Unfortunately, I did not read the first two installments of your article. What caught my eye was the picture of my friend Bryan Labonte and his compadres. I often think about those days and what a great time it was. Listening to all of the demos sent to me from all around the country and putting together great shows was a rush. It was hard to leave that place and I felt a sense of loss when it closed. Even though I hadn’t been there for the demise. Not to say I held it all together, but it went downhill after I left. The mutual respect between musician and venue just fell away somehow. I thought we really had a great thing going, and as small of a recognition as it may be, I feel proud to be mentioned in your article. I put a lot of effort into building Elbos up. I truly wanted to be known as the place to be, so thank you! With that said, I do not want to discount the assistance from Bryan Labonte, Jami Holliday and J.J. Bradley during that time. If you are thinking of mentioning Elbos any further, please give them props from me. And can I just say reading this little bit … I want to sit back, drink my beer, take a long drag off a good smoke, crank it up, close my eyes and jam … all the while thinking … good times … good times.
Deanna Bryant
[RE: “Shocker in Gloomtown: Part III: This flag signals goodbye” by Kyle Melton, 11/15/11]

Taking a beard with me
Mr. Dale,
Great article about beards and the beard competition of Beard Team Ohio.  I am from Kansas City, where we recently started our own Kansas City Beard and Moustache Club.
Doc Gould
Kansas City, Missouri

Enough is enough
I’m certainly not defending clubs that over-pack the place and pour lots and lots and lots of liquor into the mouths of the brain-addled American masses, but has anyone thought to lay responsibility on the idiot who thought it was a good idea to shoot into a bar full of innocent people, leaving one dead?
Dayton, Ohio


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