Free Speech Letters, 12/13/11

An open message to Occupy protesters
Let’s be honest about what really is happening here. The “Occupy” movement’s messages about banking and financial fraud, bailouts for the 1%, a consolidation of power to the few, the corrupting influence of money and favors in politics, income inequalities, social
inequities and injustice, political and corporate misdeeds, police brutality, and an out-of-control criminal justice system etc., are scaring the devil out of the affluent 1% and their political puppets. They call you a bunch of losers, hippies, bums, trash, radicals, idiots, scum, etc. They were hoping you’d tire and go away. They were hoping no one would listen to you. They were hoping you’d discredit yourselves by turning violent. When none of these things occurred, and when they saw your messages loudly resonating to the 99%, they became scared. People across the world were listening. They are desperate for ways to silence you and shut you down. The 1% called on their political collaborators to have you arrested and charged with crimes. They sent the police after you to scare you and abuse you. They abused you but they did not scare you. And while you are having thoughtful discussions about political and social change, and while you tweet ideas to the world and while you hold up signs that they do not like, and while you make speeches and petition the government for a resolution of issues, they continue to plan for your demise. You have held solid, you have shown restraint, you are the new leaders of the 99%. While they portray your movement as being small, they are acting small and showing signs of desperation. You are smart and talented and you have used social media and live stream to communicate to the world. While the world watches and listens, your movement grows. You are changing the world.
George Long

Obama and “his” guns
By banning the importation of 100.000 surplus South Korean M-1 Garand rifles into our nation, the Obama administration defends and protects our domestic rifle manufacturers, the few we have left; too many of those famous old American-made trademarked names now stamped into foreign imports, of course. Historically, big war-surplus arms dumps have hurt domestic producers and sellers of new guns, because few guns really ever wear out, and with proper minimum care can last at least 50 years or more. Note that $99 Soviet-surplus Mosin-Nagants [like my two and an SKS] glut the market, being fun and reasonably cheap to shoot, with plenty of ammo to make them go blamo, and new clean ammunition being produced and sold to supply the demand of the thousands of new fans. Springfield Armory and these surplus-seller fellers could hardly charge $1,400 for a new, or $700 for an old worn-out, M-1 gun if and after 100,000 old M-1 guns were imported and dumped. Therefore, the Obama administration is protecting and promoting our domestic arms industry! Oh, I believe that Springfield Armory makes most of their firearms overseas, in Croatia maybe, despite that old famous American name and that is a damned shame.
Leon Harrison
West Carrollton, Ohio

The camp problem
I [was] fine with the Occupy Dayton group protesting about whatever they want to protest about. I [was] just not into them deciding to set up camp. I don’t think the city would be fine with me deciding to go sit on a public sidewalk in front of, let’s say, Fifth Third Field for months on end. I didn’t expect the city to provide those individuals with any electricity. I heard that they’d move to another place during the holidays in exchange for the use of electricity. I have to pay for my electricity for my home. They should get a bill every month just like I do and if they can’t pay the bill, well, turn off the electricity. There is nothing in the Constitution that states the government has to be courteous or provide service to those who by freedom of choice desire to protest.
George Hughes
[RE: Debate Forum Left: “The right to remain silent” by Jolene Pohl, 11/22/11]

A cause?
Wouldn’t your time be better spent gathering food for the poor than squatting on public property without a permit? Camping achieves nothing in your cause. I guess you would rather camp while you whine and complain than actually do anything that could make an actual difference. Why not help out Habitat for Humanity? Why not tutor at-risk children in poor school systems? What about volunteering at a soup kitchen? If you really cared about change, you could make a difference. But you chose to join a group that accomplish[ed] nothing, except to spread discontent and mistrust toward our police force. The most ironic thing is that your group is so mistrustful of the Dayton PD when they have been nothing but fair to you.
Maria James
[RE: Debate Forum Left: “The right to remain silent” by Jolene Pohl, 11/22/11]


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