Free Speech Letters, 12/27/11

The real Cain Questions
Sorry Mr. Landon, with all due respect, Herman Cain was not destroyed by the media; he was “done in” by his own self-inflicted wounds. His ego got the best of him. Why hasn’t anyone addressed what he put his poor wife through? Why wasn’t she informed of his financial involvement with another woman? Isn’t that being unfaithful as well? If he kept that secret from her, what other secrets did he keep from her? In a relationship, don’t both parties equally count? I do agree with your comment, “The allegations against Cain involved questions of both judgment and credibility, which should be key requirements for any president,” and when I consider any contender for public office, I hope that I have adequately addressed an individual’s character before determining who I am voting for. The present GOP contenders have not shown me adequate proof that they would do any better than our current POTUS. I do not understand the “GOP concept” of whatever “Obama says is good” then it must be bad and ridiculed. It seems that it has gotten to the point that this applies to everything and this “whoever is the enemy of the enemy, must be a friend” attitude will not improve the progress of the GOP in the next election. I’d like to be an outspoken member of the GOP, though at this time, I will remain a “RINO.”
Mari Mills
[RE: “Herman, we hardly knew ye” by David H. Landon, 12/13/11]

Sorry, dude.
I have to go with the self-inflicted wound camp. Politico contacted the Cain campaign about its initial story 10 days before it went public. How were they flailing around in the early days of the scandal with that much lead time in which they could have crafted a coherent response?
Kevin S.
[RE: “Herman Cain withdraws: Media conspiracy or self-inflicted wound?” 12/13/11]

Hooray for handmade
Handmade Dayton is a wonderful and supportive group! I love being part of such a diverse and friendly group of crafters. I plan on being much more active this year. My Etsy shop has been doing very well. I feel more energized than I did being sick last year, and I am ready to go! Oh, and not to mention that I love the people who come out to buy. They are the ones who keep us going and their support and enthusiasm while looking at our goods is inspiring! Go Dayton!
Shannon Rea
Dayton, Ohio
[RE: “Made in Dayton” by Sara McKinniss, 12/13/11]

Handmade praise
This is a wonderful article. Heidi is the best team leader. She has brought so many of us together to grow as a group. When I first joined Etsy in 2009, she helped me reach my full potential. Also many great friendships have grown from our group. Thank you Heidi and Sara (McKinniss) for writing such an awesome article.
Tracy McElfresh
Dayton, Ohio [RE: “Made in Dayton” by Sara McKinniss, 12/13/11]

Peace out, Herman
Cain was not running for president. All the hard work of actually running – building an operation on the ground in all the early states, fundraising, etc. – Cain was doing none of it. He was seeking attention, and a greater voice and role in the conservative media. Once he was successful enough in his “campaign” to assure this, there was no reason to stay in the race. The timely revelations about his sexual behavior gave him a convenient and graceful path out.
Daniel M.T.
[RE: “Herman Cain withdraws: Media conspiracy or self-inflicted wound?” 12/13/11]

Go Stivers go
Stivers is an amazing school that appreciates and accentuates the artistic intellect of all its students. Ever proud to be a parent of a Stivers School for the Arts future graduate 2015!
Susan Fitts
[RE: “Making art a possibility” by Caroline Shannon-Karasik, 12/13/11]

Seriously, cut it out
I agree. If our government can’t live on $2.2 trillion dollars of revenue, then we have a spending problem. New taxes won’t solve it — new taxes will result in new spending.   Make Washington, D.C. do a new thing: slash spending, eliminate the deficit and start to pay down the federal debt.
Dave Stacy
[RE: Debate Forum Right: “Stop spending! Stop spending! Seriously … stop spending!!” by David H. Landon, 11/29/11]

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