Free Speech Letters, 12/6/11

Cain, Cain … he’s our man
I missed the rally in east Dayton, but heard Herman Cain’s interview with WHIO radio live. I liked what I heard and I am an early supporter of Mr. Cain. He is better than Barrack Hussein Obama any day of the week. At least he would not be trying to transform America into a third-world nation, or some kind of totalitarian, socialist state!
Mr. Cain is being borked by the drive-by media and the RINO establishment. Where is the slightest evidence to support the charges? It is easy to make a salacious charge against anyone (it’s quite common in child custody battles in Domestic Court). Unlike the case with Bill Clinton, the Politico or the Cain babes have made a lot of salacious accusations, but they have offered not a scintilla of proof. Following a decades-old pattern established by the American leftist media has a history of making baseless charges against Republicans and Conservatives (especially black Conservatives); charges that are seldom proved false until after the election. Besides, the leftist media latches on to any story that they believe will sink a GOP candidate’s bid for the White House, no matter how vaporous or specious the source (e.g. the forged documents that Dan Rather — of CBS News — used in an attempt to torpedo W’s 2004 presidential run). Furthermore, the media was so in bed with the DNC and the Obama campaign that they failed to vet Obama or his associations in the 2008 presidential race. They actively tried to cover up the stores about his associations with Bill Ayers (a terrorist and Saul Alinsky acolyte, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and others; or spike stories about his educational “credentials.” For the liberal, establishment media, Herman Cain is guilty until proven innocent!
William P. Barron Jr.
Fairborn, Ohio

Not in Texas, Miranda…
Judge Wagner,
When I vented some time ago regarding false arrests and the ripples in people’s lives they create, I neglected to communicate that your column is a huge and favorable contribution to the weekly birdcage liner/fish wrapper. The latest “Warning” had me howling with glee at times. Most people on the streets, be they criminals or paragons of law-abiding citizenry (think: ‘the great unwashed’) really know zip about the finer subtleties of law. If the first words from a perpetrator’s mouth are ‘arrest me or I’m leaving, and if I’m under arrest, shut up and let me talk to an attorney,’ there would be fewer arrests. The downside is that many serious criminals would skate. Or create the Miranda boondoggle of a guilty party seriously changing the system. OK, maybe Ernesto wasn’t treated with kid gloves, but he was convicted in his later trial — whether fairly or not, who knows? I don’t know anyone who was there. Yet if we have a shred of faith in the system we almost have to believe he was guilty as charged — and of course, in Texas, he would have (probably) deservedly been hanged. The forces we entrust with prosecution (cops, lawyers and judges) are, for the most part, keenly aware of this. Obfuscation is not a crime, without certain elements present (see: entrapment. My favorite because even when an element of entrapment is prima facie there is little debate regarding guilt). So sure, everyone plays this dangerous game. It’s normal. Anyway, kudos for your column. Now don’t you go thinking I miss the self-serving part of having your law firm’s name out there — I’ve worked in advertising, Judge, and understand its’ value. Here, though, you get an honorable pass — what you provide is well worth what you may gain. Keep writing. Having worked both sides of the fence, I know what a lawyer’s time is worth. It’s an investment from you that may just benefit everybody.
George Fanning

“Violence and greed”
I’m surprised that you would claim the Occupy Wall Street protesters have no right to be on government property. The First Amendment guarantees this right. It’s called the First Amendment to the Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Your other argument that Wall Street greed was sold by the government to the highest bidder is equally specious. The fundamental tenets of the movement is that the government has not regulated an industry –finance- that has wielded the power to destroy jobs, remove Americans from their homes, devalue our currency, manipulate congress, and fund the transfer of our economy offshore. While taking billions of taxpayer dollars in the name of stability.
Leib Lurie,
Troy, Ohio
[RE: Debate Forum Right: “The violence and greed of Leftists” by Mark Luedtke, 11/22/11]


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