Free Speech Letters 5/24/11

Are tax increases ever catastrophic?
Are fee/school-levy/tax increases ever catastrophic, like these proposed government budget cuts that public servants currently and continually complain, cry, pout, shout and whine about? They are as soon as you cannot delay or pay them. Many of us private-sector people regret that we have not seen any or many real serious government budget cuts, yet. I always notice and note the hometowns from which columnists, letter writers and other media people live, work or write. It is up to those Oakwood and Yellow Springs taxpayers [not grant and tax takers], if they really want to fairly share their wealth with everybody else, but I decline to give them mine.
We all got spoiled by those old-fashioned blue-collar jobs and dollars that were used and abused to build the plats, plazas, government buildings and bureaucracies. Education has been influenced and infected by PC indoctrination, feel-good diversity drivel, flower-child philosophy, and multicultural-mush classes for the masses. The NEA/AFT edu-babblers laughed while they built their empires and staffs.
Now, public servants are asked, and may be forced, to downsize and compete within the service and retail economy. They too can pursue new opportunities if they do not like it, do not want to try it, or do not want to join in with the best of us and the rest of us with their coworkers, families and friends.
– Leon Harrison
West Carrollton, Ohio

MASS a classic
Excellent article on Bernstein’s MASS. Fantastic performance by DPO and WSU. I saw it in 1972 at the Cincinnati May Festival. It is timeless, and rich and moving. I only wish it was playing longer so I could go again.
– William Linesch
Dayton, Ohio
[RE: “A Simple Song” by Patrick Suarez, 5/10/11]

Balance the Budget Now
I refuse to go to my grave quietly knowing full well that I have burdened unborn generations with debts they cannot pay.
Immoral legislators have, for 80 years, promised privileges and benefits to voters with no realistic plan for paying for those benefits.  I thought that one of our God-given rights was the right to our own property, not someone else’s.  They speak of government money.  Government has no money except that which it took from someone who earned it.  But charlatans over the years have confused us by talking about our (unfunded) entitlements.  Individuals need to realize they have been lied to and acknowledge that they have been promised other people’s property.
Translated into plain common sense language, that means every man, woman, and child in America has the right to the property of all other people to the extent necessary to fulfill the politician’s promise.  One nation, called Russia, tried that bold experiment starting with its 1917 revolution.  They determined that wealthy people were too rich and should be taxed out of existence.  And indeed the tax rate on the rich became 100%.
I do not resent people who have more than I do.  I do not believe that those who have more should give to me as a result of some politician’s plan to better my life. I have noticed over the years that poor people do not have employees. Government does not create jobs.  People who invest their money create jobs. To destroy the wealthy by taxation is to guarantee zero economic growth and zero investment in the future, just like any socialist country.
The real remedy to the economic plight of our nation is for our congressmen to wake up now and balance the budget this month. Reducing the deficit over the next 10 years is like a surgeon who cuts out a little of the cancer each month over a 10-year period. There should be no extension of the debt limit.  Governments, like individuals, can go broke and history is full of examples of that.
We taxpayers are getting tired of pulling the wagon with 20,000,000 government employees, 40,000,000 food stamp recipients, and 62,000,000 social security recipients.  There are only 113,000,000 people paying income tax and they are getting tired.
If you think the budget should be balanced now, call your Congressman.
– Floyd Coates
Scottsburg, Indiana

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