Free Speech Letters 5/3/11

For shame
Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and Senate majority leader, is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is, [he is] a Mormon. However, his conduct last week during the budget debate was far less than the standards normally expected of the Mormons. I found it especially ironic that the Sunday lesson for that week in all priesthood quorums was on “honesty.” Since Brother Harry would study the same Sunday lesson in his local meetinghouse, he has no excuse for not knowing or understanding LDS standards on this subject.
But Senator Harry Reid bore false witness against his neighbors that week through lies, distortions, falsehoods, half-truths, innuendos and deception. Senator Harry Reid brought shame and dishonor upon himself by his blatant dishonesty, and he insulted the character and integrity of millions of Mormons around the world by his dishonest testimony and actions. Shame on Harry Reid!
– William P. Barron Jr.
Fairborn, Ohio
A shuttle back-up?
Maybe we all would do well to light up a bowl of whatever [Mark] Luedtke’s not inhaling. I thought the question of the week was specific to Dayton getting screwed out of a shuttle more than whether or not the federal park system should keep funding a memorial over the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.  I … [propose we make] the case for the region at least now getting a sum like the $14 million that was originally requested by the administration for the move of Atlantis to Dayton. This money could now bolster the existing aviation heritage assets that have and will continue to bring much needed industry attention and tourism dollars to the Miami Valley, e.g. the National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) Learning Center.”
– Ron Kaplan
Kettering, Ohio
(Mr. Kaplan serves as the NAHF Enshrinement Director)
Art for front’s sake
The ‘In-sect’ show was fabulous! So many great artists and fantastic supporters … had a wonderful night! Thanks 4Frnt Studios, keep ‘em coming!
– SarahLydia Keihl
Dayton, Ohio
[RE: “On the forefront,” by Katie Anible-Modras, 4/26/11]
Death does not heal
I have been against the death penalty because of the many innocent inmates that have been put to death and the fact that this procedure is inhumane all the way around. The cycle of murder continues by the state and the death penalty has not deterred murder so it is time to put the death penalty to rest.  And it does not bring closure to families of victims.
– Prudence
Dayton, Ohio
[RE: “Death and Dollars,” by Tim Walker, 4/19/11]

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