Free Speech Letters 5/31/11

Bravo theatre!
Great article, Brian! Both casts loaded with talent … with two such diverse themes … great theatre in Dayton.
– Terry Lupp
Dayton, Ohio
[RE: “Onstage: May” by Brian P. Sharp, 5/3/11]

Hide and seek? Please.
From the iPhone perspective, I get a pop up notice every time a push notice wishes to utilize my tracking info, which is usually geared towards better serving me. What do people feel they have to hide?
– Jeffrey B. Besecker
Greenville, Ohio
[RE: Debate Forum Topic, 5/3/11]

What the f?
Dear Mr. Noah,
I was born, raised and have never lived outside the city limits of Dayton, Ohio. I have always thoroughly enjoyed reading the Dayton City Paper but I think that will come to an end. I was absolutely appalled by the language that was used in your newspaper by Ms. Wroten. If I were thinking of advertising in a local newspaper, I would think twice before using the City Paper for fear of seeing very vulgar language next to my ad.
I think you owe your readers an apology.
– Rebecca D.
Dayton, Ohio
[RE: “Come hell or high water, hold the Corps accountable” by Nicole Wroten, 5/24/11]

FilmDayton Festival issue
Dear Editor,
It is understood that I am prejudiced because I love you guys, but I gotta tell you that this week’s issue [5/17/11], which I just picked up at the Neon (Of Gods and Men is a terrific motion picture by the way), is especially outstanding … as in EVERY piece in it is a must-read. Please pass along to all that this long-time reader, who has come to expect a great publication, was even more impressed than usual.
–Thomas Girvin

We the people
We the people want health care/Medicare with a public option. We the people do not need insurance. We need affordable health care.
If the bus hits you and you survive, you will need health care, not predatory insurance, paper pushing, greedy death panels’ executives making millions. If you are blessed enough to grow old, at some point you will need health care, not predatory insurance.
Death is certain, life is not.
Medicare operates at a fraction of the cost of insurance, because Medicare does not have multi-million dollar payouts to executives.
Please stop the insanity.
GOP = greedy insurance death panels.
– T. Earls
West Carrollton, Ohio

Thanks for getting the word out
I just want to drop you a note of sincere appreciation for a wonderful article about our event this [past] Friday: Big Brews and Blues. It really was laid out beautifully and very informative … we’ve already been getting calls about the event since the article came out!
– Susan McGovern
Executive Director, Diabetes Dayton

Citizens knew it could happen
Those property owners bought that land in a known flood plain. The stipulation for purchase of that land is that, if needed, they would be subjected to flooding from a spillway opening. They have enjoyed that land at less than market value because of this stipulation. I’m sorry it was necessary, but the Army Corps of Engineers did not flood the rivers.
– Bridget
[RE: Debate Forum Topic: 5/24/11]

Needing a wake-up call?
As I personally recall, the period shortly after World War II was a time when we Americans started to be subjected to an atmosphere of grossly exaggerated fear of communism and the Soviet Union which made it easy to gain public support for the profits gained by the military-congressional-industrial complex. The Soviets were the ogre, we were told, and we had to constantly keep ahead of them, especially in the size of our nuclear arsenal. In other words, if you wanted Americans to waste big bucks, contrary to their own best interests, you scared them. Actually, this was an era when the U.S. was expanding its empire and the Soviets were mostly trying to counter our moves.
This charade was unmasked when the Cold War ended with the demise of the Soviet Union. Since the threat of the hammer and sickle demon no longer existed, it was logical to have assumed at that time that we should have had a “peace dividend,” with our swords being converted into plowshares. But this did not happen and new bogeymen were created to scare us, one being the alarmist assertion that some other nations constituted an “axis of evil.” So these giant hoaxes change with the times. All this proved that the American people were, and still are, the pawns in a massive campaign of indoctrination designed to gain meek acquiescence to the preeminence of greed-driven profits for the elite in our society.
Now we are being conned by another deception, and we appear to be as gullible as our forefathers of not long ago. We have been obsessively fearful of terrorists since the attacks of September 11, 2001, despite the fact that people in the rest of the world are more justified in fearing the U.S. than vice versa. Assuming that our panic about the danger posed by Osama bin Laden since that traumatic day almost a decade ago was justified, one would expect that now our hit men would no longer roam the earth killing suspected terrorists at the behest of our leaders who act as if they are a law unto themselves, and that instead our resources would now be employed productively for human betterment, and last but not least, that we would support our troops by bringing them home and that we would also start simultaneously to dismantle our hundreds of military bases in other countries.
To have an effective solution to decrease terrorism against the U.S., we must primarily take steps to end the unrelenting state terrorism that we are exerting against others throughout the world, primarily by our wars.
Rip Van Winkle finally woke up. Will we?
– James A. Lucas
Dayton, Ohio

Passing the torch, indeed
It is strange how as we enter out 30s, younger people look to us for answers and advice. We were once students of life … hell, we’re still learning ourselves; but we get to pass on a little something of us that they will remember in the years to come (be it Rocky Horror, poetry, or one of a million other things). And hopefully, when they are passing it on to someone special in their life, our name will come up … and with it, a smile.
– Alexis-Rueal
Dayton, Ohio
[RE: “Bachelor’s Pad — The Musings and Misadventures of a Single, 30-Something, Dayton Transplant” by Jason Webber, 5/24/11]

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